Yercaud – A Hill Station in Tamil Nadu for Your Summer Holidays

Yercaud – A Hill Station in Tamil Nadu for Your Summer Holidays

You are currently viewing Yercaud – A Hill Station in Tamil Nadu for Your Summer Holidays
yercaud hill station tamil nadu

Are you looking for a soothing place to visit in South India during your summer holidays? Yercaud hill station, Tamil Nadu, can offer you the ultimate relaxation option, even if you are on a budget tour.

An Overview of Yercaud hill station

Yercaud is well-known to tourists as one of the cheapest hill stations in India. Thus, it has earned the tag of “Poor man’s Ooty.”

This hill station in Tamil Nadu is located in the Salem District, on the Shevarayan hill ranges in the Eastern Ghats. The town is at an altitude of 4969 ft or 1515 m. The Taluk or township area is only 382.67 sq.., and it includes a Reserve forest within its boundaries.

Yercaud is famous for its elegant beauty in the lakes, orange groves, spice, fruit, and coffee plantation.

The place is very quiet and serene, making it an ideal destination for honeymoon couples.

How to reach Yercaud?

Yercaud is a small hill station in the Salem District of Tamil Nadu. that is well connected with the cities nearby. The best way to reach Yercaud will be to take a bus from Salem.

Travel by Air:

The nearest airport to Yercaud is Coimbatore, located at a distance of 190 KM. The second closest option is Bangalore, which 210 Km away. Since Coimbatore is not very well-connected with the rest of Indian airports apart from Chennai, Bangalore is always the best entry point.

Travel by Train: 

Salem Junction Railways Station is the nearest railway station to Yercaud if you wish to reach the destination by train. The station is 35 KM South-west of the township.

Travel by Bus: 

Direct buses run between Salem and Yercaud. You just need to rich Salem, and then on, you can get a bus to reach your destination.

Top 10 Places to visit in Yercaud hill station.

Yercaud is a fine weekend destination if you want to soak amidst nature, away from the hustle-bustle of the city life in Tamil Nadu.

While you are here in this hill station, know what to see and how far is it from the town. Here we have listed the ten best places to visit near Yercaud hill station, Tamil Nadu.

1. Anna Park

Situated beside the Big Lake, Anna Park, is the home to exquisite flowers and the famous Japanese bonsai gardens of Yercaud. 

If you like flowers, visit Yercaud in May when Anna Park hosts the flower show.

Entry Fees: 

  • 15/- per adults
  • 10/- per child
  • 25/- for still cameras
  • 50/- for video cameras

Visiting Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM

2. The Big Lake

The Big Lake is the only natural lake in South Indian hill stations. Anna Park, the Leisure park, and a deer park surrounds the boundaries of this big lake. 

The lake offers boating opportunities to tourists.

Boating hours: 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM

Boating Charges: INR 40/- per person or INR 80/- per 2-seater boat

3. Bear’s Cave

The Bear’s Cave is situated on the way to the Shevarayan Temple inside a private coffee estate. The Norton Bungalow of Yercaud is very near this place. 

The main cave goes down 7ft deep into the earth and forms a deeper gorge. The locals believe that this cave connects with the caves under Shevarayan Temple.

4. Killiyur Falls

Killiyur Falls is only 4 Km away from the Yercaud town. If you want the Killiyur at its best, visit Yercaud right after the North-east or South-west Monsoons. 

The surplus water from the Shevaroy River and the Big Lake drains in this waterfall. The Killiyur valley has a depth of 30 feet, offering a grand sight to visitors if they come after the monsoon.

5. Lady’s Seat

Lady’s Seat, or as otherwise called Gent’s and Children’s Seat, is a natural rock formation in the fringes of Yercaud, overlooking the valley below.

During the British era, the place was named after a British lady who spent days sitting on these rocks to enjoy the views. Now the place stands as a tourist spot with a telescope to enjoy the valley below.

6. Shevarayan Temple

Shevarayan is a cave temple in Yercaud, where the devotees go to get the blessings of Lord Perumal. The best time to visit the temple in May when the hill tribal folks indulge in summer festival around the temple.

Visiting Hours: 6 AM – 8 PM

7. Botanical Survey of India

The Yercaud Botanical Garden is a BSI initiative. It is famous for its “Bell Rock,” which makes a bell-sound upon hitting with stones.

There are 30 different species of flowers in this garden. Out of these, the most attractive ones are the Lady’s slipper orchids and Vernonia Shevaroyensis.

8. Pagoda Point

It is the easter side of the Yercaud hills, which is also known as the Pyramid Point. Once home to Pagoda, the point now harbours the Rama Temple and offers a grand view of the Ayotthiapattinam and Attur.

The Pagoda Point is 5 Km away from the main town of Yercaud.

9. Silk Farm and Rose Garden

Like any other hill station, Yercaud also earns its fame for the silk farm and rose gardens. Along with that comes the mulberry plantation. 

Visitors can go to the silk farms and witness the art of silk-spinning from cocoons.

These areas are 2 Km away from the main town.

10. Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple

The locals of Yercaud believe that this temple is the abode of the Goddess of all Gods. The goddess grants wealth and prosperity to the devotees.

This spiritual activity area is 4 Km away from the main town, on the way to the Shevarayan Temple.

To know more about the off-beat paths of south India, stay tuned to Wild Adventures.

Best Place to Stay in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

If you are planning your next visit to Yercaud, hill station, Tamil Nadu, we have the top 3 properties listed for you. Check-out their details and decide for yourself.

1. Sterling Yercaud

Sterling Yercaud is a 3-star property, ideally located on the cliffs of Yercaud, overlooking the valley below. It offers a marvellous view of its open-terrace dining area. There are 69 well-appointed rooms with modern decor.

Tariff: Room rent of the property starts from INR 4,500/- per night

2. Grand Palace Hotel & Spa

This is another 3-star property located close to the Killiyur Waterfalls. Every room in this property offers an exceptional view of the valley. All are well-decorated and equipped with modern amenities.

Tariff: Room rent starts from INR 3,500/- per night

3. Great Trails Yercaud by GRT Hotel

The property nestled amidst the serenity of a private coffee plantation in Yercaud. The resort comes with the heritage decor of the place and has 41 rooms decorated accordingly. 

The Penthouse of the property offers the best view of the panorama. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the valley as you soak in the luxury of your jacuzzi.

Tariff: Their staycation package starts from INR 7,500/- per night 

Local transportation in Yercaud hill station

The best way to reach the Yercaud hill station is to take a bus from Salem Railway Junction. All the sightseeing of this town can be covered in a day if you hire a private car or auto from the visitors’ centre. An auto charges INR 600/- for a full day ride in the city. If you are hiring an LMV, their prices start from INR 700/- per vehicle.

yercaud hill station tamil nadu
yercaud hill station tamil nadu

FAQs On Yercaud hill station

What is special in Yercaud?

Yercaud is famous for its natural beauty and serenity. The hill station on the Eastern Ghats overlooks the Killiyur valley. The most important sight of this place is the Big Lake as it is the only natural water lake in South Indian hill station.

Which is the best time to visit Yercaud?

If you want to enjoy the festivals and flowers in Yercaud, summer is the best time. The flowers bloom between March to May, and the temperature is soothing around 13-25 degrees. Some go to Yercaud after the monsoon to see the Killiyur waterfalls at its full blast.

You can get to this place round the year.

Which is better- Yercaud or Ooty?

Yercaud is a dearly priced hill station in South India. Even the summers are very comfortable here. While South India suffers the heat in May and June, Yercaud enjoys its peak tourist season.

Of course, Yercaud is a better place to visit than Ooty if you want something in the budget, amidst nature, and less crowded.

What should I buy in Yercaud?

Yercaud is known for its authentic textile ranges and spices. Visit the silk farms and buy the best quality silk over here. The Spice plantations offer organic herbs. Also, you can deny the coffee of this region.

How many days can we spend in Yercaud?

Yercaud is an ideal weekend destination. All the sightseeing and activities in this place can be covered in a day. You can spend the second day relaxing in a spa or enjoy coffee with the valley’s view from your property.

Which place is known as poor man’s Ooty?

Yercaud is well-known to tourists as the “Poor man’s Ooty.” The place offers beauty and serenity equivalent to Ooty, yet the accommodation and sightseeing expenses are a lot less.

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