unique places to visit in kolkata

unique places to visit in kolkata

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Victoria Memorial Hall

Kolkata is one the most popular destinations among the tourists worldwide.every year millions of travellers come to this beautiful city. For its unique culture,  mystery , enthusiasm and Aristocracy , kolkata known as “city of joy “. Anyone who comes to this city once,  unknowingly falls in love with this city. Kolkata is popular for its rich culture and heritage. 

  • Princep Ghat 
  • Victoria Memorial hall 
  • St.  Pauls cathedral 
  • Birla planetarium 
  • Eden garden
  • Alipore Zoo

1.princep ghat 

Princep Ghat
Princep Ghat

 Princep ghat is one of the beautiful quiet visiting spots in kolkata;  specially for couples.  It’s the best place to start a day with a calm natural atmosphere in kolkata.  Or you can enjoy  the relaxing sun setting view at the horizon of Ganges river from this park. You can also enjoy the incredible light show of Howrah Bridge  from the park. 

Key attraction : Boat Riding on the Ganges River. Best place to evening time spending 

Entry fee : Entry fee nil.  But you have to pay extra for boat riding 

Required time : 2-3 hours 

Opening time : nil

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2. Victoria Memorial hall

Victoria Memorial Hall
Victoria Memorial Hall

Victoria Memorial  hall reflects the historical significance of kolkata. Victoria Memorial was built during the British Empire in india.This memorial dedicated to the former Empress of india,  Queen Victoria. The memorial hall lies over 64 acres lands. The whole place is made by white marble. There was a huge bronze statue of queen victoria inside the memorial hall. The purpose of this architecture was to commemorate Queen Victoria.  The foundation stone of victoria lade in 1906. Excellent india – saracenic architecture design reflects from the memorial. The well mentioned garden of the memorial increases the beauty of the whole memorial hall. Overall it is the most visited travel destiny in kolkata. 

 Entry Fee : For Indian Citizen 30 rupees per head

Required time : 2-3 hours 

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3. St. Paul’s cathedral 

st. paul's cathedral
st. paul’s cathedral

St.  Paul’s cathedral is the largest church in kolkata ; and first Anglican cathedral in Asia. It was built in the middle of the 18th century. Great architecture William Narin Forbes designed the structure of st.  Paul’s cathedral. The entire church is spread over 7 acres of lands. There is a huge picture gallery and a library inside the cathedral.  Lots of ancient artifacts and books reserved in this library. Special bricks, steel trusses, and fine lime plasters are mainly used to build the whole structure. The height of the whole structure is 201 feet.  However, two major earthquake hit this iconic structure;  although it’s still standing with its own glory and heritage.  Every year lots of tourists visit here due to Christmas.

Entry Fee : nil

Required time : 2-3 hours

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 4. Birla planetarium  

Birla Planetarium in kolkata
Birla Planetarium in kolkata

Birla planetarium is an iconic structure in the city of joy.  Birla is mainly popular for informative space-science shows and astrophysics shows.  Most updated zeus Hybrid protection system used to conduct show on the huge dome roof.  The design of the planetarium adopted from Buddhist Stupa.  Former prime minister of India,  Jawaharlal Neheru inaugurated birla on 2nd july, 1963 . There is a huge collection of satellite and telescope models for exhibition

Required time : 2-3 hours 

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 5. Eden garden 

pavilion end
pavilion end

Eden garden is one of a historical structure of kolkata. Eden garden bears the memory of many national and international cricket matches.  Total six cricket world cup hosted in this ground. Kapil Dev took an ODI hat-trick against the Sri Lankans in this ground .In present time the total seat capacity of this ground is 80,000.The first test match of this ground was organized on 5th January,  1934. Many popular cricketers created their golden memories in this field. Enen garden belongs to indian army. In ancient time babu rajchandra das,  then the zamindar of kolkata owned the land of eden garden.  However,  he gifted this land to Auckland Eden. From then,  this garden got its name “Eden”. 

Entry Fee : depends on matches

Required time : 2-3 hours 

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6. Alipore zoo

Deer in Alipore Zoo
Alipore Zoo

Alipore zoo is the oldest zoological park in kolkata.  Every year let’s tourists visit here , especially due to the winter season.Alipore Zoological Garden opened on 1 may 1876.Whole zoo spread over 46.48 acre land. There was a giant aldabra tortoise named Adwita.  In 2006 he died at the age of 250.Recently , the Authority added a new section for reptiles.  

Required time : 3- 4 hours 

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