Tiger Hill of Darjeeling

Tiger Hill of Darjeeling

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Tiger Hill of Darjeeling

Tiger is a famous tourist spot in Darjeeling. It is famous for its panoramic view of Mt. Everest and lash green tea states. Tiger is situated in Darjeeling of West Bengal. The elevation of this place is 2590. Sometimes,   when you see Mount Everest from Tiger Hill, it seems small. If you want to enjoy the exclusive sunrise view from Tiger Hill of Darjeeling , then you should leave your room before 04:00 am. It’s the ideal time to enjoy the panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Overall,  the sunrise view and mountain view depends on the weather of that day.

Sharp chilli wind with the panoramic view makes its memory more expensive. The sunrise from tiger hill is one of its kind. You can also explore the different beauty of mountains when the sun-rays reflect from kanchenjunga. Sunrise views from Tiger Hill make it totally worth visiting. 

Location of the Tiger hill  

Tiger hill is situated at a very high altitude. Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga surround this place from the east side. Proper Darjeeling city is almost 11 kilometers away from Tiger Hill. You can reach tiger hill by walking or booking a cab easily from Darjeeling. You can also hire a self driven(zoom car) car from Darjeeling . 

To experience the incredible view of sunrise you must reach Tiger hill early in the morning. Every morning thousands of local vehicles depart for Tiger hill From Darjeeling. The distance from Darjeeling to Tiger hill is About 11 km. However, you need to leave your hotel at 03;30 Am to reach Tiger Hill early. Early morning gives you a benefit to avoid the crowds.


  • Make sure to carry a camera to capture the golden moment of sunrise,  Otherwise you will regret it later.
  • Try to leave your room before 4:00 am if you take your room in Darjeeling. 
  • Check weather conditions before leaving your room. 
  • Book the accommodation l in advance.

Best time to visit Tiger Hill 

Tiger hill can be visited any time in the year. But,  sometimes in the year Tiger hill gets covered with deep fog in the morning time. For that you can’t experience the exclusive sunrise view from mt. Kanchenjunga. That’s why,  you have to get prepared for the best time to visit Tiger hill for a sunrise view. In general October to February is the peak season in Tiger hill. Winter season exists during this time. Overall,  before leaving for tiger hill, check the weather conditions.  During the winter sun rays reflect from snow-covered mountains. Which exposed the ultimate beauty of nature. 

Places to explore near Tiger hill 

  • Lash green tea states 
  • Yiga choeling Monastery 
  • Peace pagoda
  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway 
  • Sandakphu trek
  • Rangit valley ropeway 
  • Ghoom monastery
  • Singalila national park
  • Happy Valley tea estate 
  • Tenzing Rock

People also ask

Why is Tiger Hill Famous?

Tiger is mostly famous for the panoramic view of Mt. Kanchanjunga and sun rises. However , the tea estate is another major attraction in Tiger hill. 

How far is Tiger Hill from Darjeeling?

Tiger hill is situated 11 kilometers away from Darjeeling. The altitude of Tiger hill is 2590 meter above sea level . You can easily reach Tiger hill by walking or booking a local car from Darjeeling. 

Is Mount Everest visible from Tiger Hill Darjeeling?

Yes!  Mount Everest is clearly visible from Tiger Hill. But on a foggy day you can’t visualize the Mountains. Whatever,  the sunrise view from Mount Everest is really unbeatable. 

What is the best time to visit the Tiger hill of darjeeling?

Winter is the best time to visit Tiger hill. In general,  october to February are the winter season in Tiger hill. However , March to June is also a good time for visiting Tiger hill. 

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