Tashi view point Gangtok

Tashi view point Gangtok

Sikkim’s one of the best places is Tashi view point Gangtok. This viewpoint is popular for exciting natural views. It is situated beside the center of Gangtok. the most exciting thing is Gangtok situated at 5414 feet the sea surface. And the Tashi viewpoint located almost 6100 feet from sea level. Basically, the Tashi viewpoint ios a man-made platform. king Tashi Namgyal built this place in between 1914 and 1963. From the name of its founder, this place got its name as the Tashi viewpoint.

On season time a large number of tourists gathered here at 04:00 am to witness the unprecedented sunrise. The Tashi views point offers you a peaceful moment with the indefinable natural beauty and breeze. One can notice some special rare birds of the mountain area in this place. If you planning for Gangtok then obviously visit Tashi viewpoint. It will definitely full fill your adventure. The Sunrise view of Mount Kanchenjunga from Tashi viewpoint is awesome.

sunrise view of Mount Kanchenjunga from Tashi view point
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Location of Tashi viewpoint :

The Tashi viewpoint is situated 8 km away from the Gangtok, capital of Sikkim.the altitude of this place is 6100 feet. To reach Tashi view point, first of all, you have to reach Gangtok. Thereafter, you can borrow a bike or book a local vehicle to reach here.you can reach Tashi viewpoint by riding a bike.it’s the most Adventurist way to reach here. every year thousands of adventures lover visit that amazing place.

The attraction of Tashi view point Gangtok:

The main attraction offed by the Tashi view point Gangtok is the brilliant view of sunrise. there you can discover once more your self with the first rays of the sun. Secondly, the natural beauty that surrounds the mountain will give you an Unprecedented experience. And thirdly, one can experience the color-changing view of Kanchenjunga and Siniolchu Peaks. Kanchenjunga is the third-highest mountain in the world. As the sun rises, the rays of the sun reflected from the snow of the mountains. It causes great color change scenes. In addition, you can teste the amazing view of Gangtok. two famous monasteries of Gangtok are easily noticeable from this place. those are Phodong and Labrang. Phodong is situated around 40km away from the Tashi.

When to visit Tashi viewpoint :

Clouds and dense fog always envelop the Tashi viewpoint area and its surroundings.exceptional in summer one can get a clear view of the nearest Mountains. the best time to visit Tashi’s viewpoint is between March to June. In between those moth surrounded mountains are clearly visible throughout all day. This place opens at 05:00 am in the morning and closed at 06:00 pm in the evening.

Fees required in Tashi view point Gangtok:

No visiting fees required in Tashi viewpoint. But sometimes you have to pay around 10 rupees to get a closer view of Kanchenjunga and Siniolchu Peaks. One can borrow a telescope in around one or two hundred rupees. it will help you to get a closed view of mountains and Buddhist monasteries.

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