Tarkeshwar Mandir

Tarkeshwar Mandir

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Tarakshwar Temple
Tarkeshwar Mandir is the most popular pilgrimage among the Hindu religion. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple . Every year more than fifty thousand people visit here. Especially at the middle of April, the lord shiva’s disciple is crowded here due to Neel festival. People reach there After spending some days as sannyasa(life of a monk), devotees reach here to worship Lord Shiva.

Location of this Temple

Tarakeswar temple,   situated in Hooghly district of Burdwan Division in West Bengal. The Hooghly river is flowing beside theTarakeswar temple, The famous Belur Math is also situated at the bank of Hooghly River.This area(Tarakeswar ) belongs to the from Tarakeswar municipality. Tarakeswar municipality is separated in fifteen words administrative purposes. Railway and highway both are improved the transportation system of here.

How to Reach Tarakeswar : 

There are multiple ways to visit Tarakeswar. But the popular way, which follows many pilgrims is described below
 In the visiting season(April- May), people come here as a monk to worship Lord Shiva.
 First of all, they reach Nimaitirtha Ghat. ( To reach Nimaitirtha Ghat You should reach Barrackpore station first, From Barrackpore station You can easily reach Nimaitirtha via Auto Or Toto just Only  10 Rupees)

Nimaitirtha Ghat
Nimaitirtha Ghat

Then with the help of vassal, they/you have to cross the river and reach the Sharohafully Ghat. In there they(monks) finished their lunch and  Take water a From River to Worship Lord Shiva. After rest, they restart their journey to there final destiny, Tarakeswar. 

Tarakeswar Station
Tarakeswar Station

Some of them visit Tarakeswar via Rail and some of them reach Tarakeswar by  walking  from
Sheoraphuli. The Tarakeswar Shiv Temple is situated 37 kilometers far from Sheoraphuli

The Marwadi Choti and  Loknath is another famous Pilgrimage on the way of Tarkeshwar Mandir. Those who reach Tarkeshwar Mandir through the highway from Sheoraphuli, they get an extra advantage to visit these places. 

Loknath temple in Tarakeswar
Loknath temple in Tarkeshwar

What makes the Tarkeshwar Mandir unique: 

Behind the Tarakshwar a very significant story exist. In the early age, The local people of Tarkeshwar found the most ancient sculpture of Lord Siva from the nearest pond. After that local people established a temple with the help of zamindar of Tarkeshwar. Then they install the sculpture of Lord Siva in this temple. 
an old Zamindar Bari is situated in the temple complex. The Chief priest of the temple is now living in this zamindar’s house.

Zamindar Bari in Tarakeswar
Zamindar Bari in Tarkeshwar

Devotees come to Tarkeshwar Mandir through all over the year. As a result, a large tourist area is being developed inTarkeshwar . Here you can stay at affordable prices. You can get a single room as a rant just only 150-200 rupees. 

Tarakeswar Dudh Pukur
Tarkeshwar Dudh Pukur

There is a pond in Amndir complex.which is popular as Babar Dudh Pukur. Devotees at first take bath in this holy pond then they worshiped Lord Shiva. Due to a huge gathering, Administration is always awake. With the help of government projects,Tarkeshwar  is now better developed.

Returning Schedule from Tarkeshwar Mandir

After worship, Railway is the most preferable way for you to return.you can also add some more unforgettable memory to visit Belur Math and Dakshineswar Temple. These greatest  Pilgrimage situated in the middle of Tarkeshwar to Howrah. If you are willing to visit these places, Then you should choose a train from Tarkeshwar Mandir to Howrah, it will take 15 rupees.

This train will reach you at Belut station from where you easily reach Belurmath. on the opposite site of Belur, Dakshineswar Temple is situated. you can cross the river via vessel to reach Dakshineswar Temple, the vessel cost is 11 rupees.

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