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Tarapith is a popular Hindu temple. Thousand of devotees visit here per month. Tarapith is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of India. It is believed that the third eye(ball) of the goddess fell on Tarapith. Mothers worship here every Tuesday and Monday. In addition, due special day, the mother worshiped with great devotion. However, The animal sacrifice system is also a traditional way to worship Devi Kali. The favorite flower of Devi Kali is Red Jaba. Without this flower, the worship process is not fulfilled. In other words, every day, lots of red Jaba required to worship the goddess. Mandir authorities often arrange free meals for all the devotees who come here. The temple of Tarapith is dedicated to goddess Tara (Devi).

Devi Tara Symbolised the source of power. It considered the best place for the pursuit of power. There are lots of mysteries surrounding the temple. Tarapith, the ancient pilgrimage site of Birbhum is the center of international curiosity today. According to legend, Goddess Tara blessed many saints in this place. The architecture of this temple reflects the Bengali culture and heritage. Tarapith is famous for the Pagla Sadhaka Bamakhapa.

Favorite Flower of Ma Tara Source

The temple opens at 06:00 am and closed at 09:00 pm. In the second half temple open at 04:00 pm and closed 08:00 am.

History Behind the Tarapith Temple:

There is a popular story behind the establishment of the kali temple. According to Hindu Puran Mahadev has drunk the poison that coming from the Churning of the sea. After the drink, the poison the Mahadev feels week. In that situation, Devi Kali breastfeeds Mahadev to rescue from this situation. In this form, Maa Tara appairs to bless his son Vashishta who worships Devi for a long time. That’s why devotees come here and praying to get blessings from Devi kali and brush out every sorrow and sins from there life.

One group of legend clam that the third eyeball of Devi tara falls in this place. Then this place popular as Chandipur. After that incident, Chandipur changed into Tarapith. According to Bengali word Tara means Eyeball. Above all, Tarapith recognized as the chief place of Saktism. The great kali devotee Bama Khapa or Pagli Sadhu belongs to this temple. Bamakhapa sacrifices his entire life to get blessings from Devi kali.

Location of Tarapith Temple :

Tarapith temple is situated in the Birbhum district in India. Firstly, The most preferable way to reach Tarapith is by railway. The distance between Kolkata and Tarapith is just 264 kilometers. The nearest railway station of Tarapith is Rampurhat. Rampurhat station is well connected to Sealdah And Howrah Railway station. From Rampurhat station you can hire a text to reach the final destiny, Tartapith. The distance from the Rampurhat is about 9 km. it takes just 20-25 minutes to reach.

Secondly, The nearest airport of Tara pith is Netaji Subhas Chandra Inter nation airport. After landing on the airport one can book a text to reach Tarapith temple. However, the nearest airport is around 181 km far from Tarapith Temple.

Thirdly, you can also reach Tarapith by bus. For this, you have to tale a bus from Dharmatala/ Esplanade. Privet and Government authority run sufficient buses for this route.

Nearest visiting places in Taraphit temple :

  • Birthplace of Bamakhapa: Bamakhapa( Bama Choron Chottophadya) born in a small village named Atla. At a young age, Bamakhapa left his home for worship, Devi Tara. This place situated in the Rampurhat of Birbhum district. However, The distance between Tarapith to Atla is almost 3 km. You can hire a Toto or auto to reach Atla from Tarapith.
  • Tartapith Mahasasan (crematorium): Tarapith Maha-Sasan situated at the bank of the Dwaraka river. Nowadays this river turns into a small channel. The main significance of this Sasan is Great monk Bamakhapa pursuit Devi kali in here. Above all, Maa Tara blessed Saint Bamakhapa in this place.
  • Bamakhapa Temple: In addition, one can enjoy another cultural temple near Tarapith temple. This temple is located beside the main Tarapith Temple. This temple is dedicated to saint Bamakhapa and painted in pink color.

Tarapith temple nearest hotel :

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