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Taki is a very popular holiday destination near Kolkata. It is situated at the bank of Ichamati River. On the other bank of the river,  our neighbour country Bangladesh is situated. Taki is also remarkable for picnic spots. Every year,  huge visitors come here during winter for picnics. Taki is very rich by its culture and heritage. There is a very significant history of Taki. In the ancient age Taki was the land of ( Zamindars) landlords. Former Army Chief Shankar Roy Chowdhury is a resident of Taki .The ruins of the old palace can still be seen in Taki. However, several palaces have been demolished due to the expansion of the tourism industry in Taki.

Best time to visit in Taki 

Taki can be visitable any time of year. You can spend a couple of hours enjoying the present view of river Icchamati at any time of the year. 

Winter :

Winter is the peak season in Taki. Tourists start gathering from the month of November for picnics. Besides this,  Winter in Taki is best for holiday vacation. You should make at least two days’ plans to explore Taki properly. 

Events in winter 

Annual Taki book festival held in the month of December. It takes place around 7-9 days. Many cultures even held this fair. Book sellors open their stalls with a huge collection of books. Local boys and girls actively participate in this festival. Respectively Perform local culture like dance,  drama,  songs etc. There is also another space for students in the fairground. Where,  they explore their amazing science experiment and try to spread general awareness among the people. 

Summer : 

Summer season in Taki begins from the month of March and exists till jule. The crowd of tourists is a little less this season. However,  morning and evening time is very pleasant in Taki. Cool breeze comes from the Ichamati river .

Events in Summer 

Neel or Charak festival is famous in summer time.  This festival is dedicated to lord shiva.  On the last month of Bengali calendar,  devotees of Lord Shiva worship God to get blessed. Devotees from all over the taki and nearest place came Taki kulershawari Kali bari to join the charak festival.

Rain :

Rainy season is not an advisable time to visit Taki. However,  after scorching summer,  monsoon arrives as a messenger of new life. 

Nostalgic Rainy evening in Taki

Events in Monsoon :

Rath festival and Ilish Festival are two major events celebrated in Taki during winter.  

Where to stay in Taki? 

Accommodation and living in taki is well mentioned budget friendly. There are lots of guest houses grown on the bank of Ichamati river. All of them are best for an amazing river view. Here we listed some of the best budget friendly guest houses in Taki. 

  • Shantiniketan Guest house 
  • River view guest house 
  • Rupashi Bangla guest house 
  • Sunrise guest house 

The average check in time of those guest houses is 11 Am and the check out time is 10 Am of next day. The room rent cost starts from 1200 and raised upto 1700 . Generally,  Top floor single room bed costs 1700. However,  the price fluctuates .

For a luxury stay,  you can choose Hotel Sonar Bangla in Taki. It’s also situated on the bank of Ichamati river. You can enjoy the pure natural beauty of the Ichamati river like a sunrise view from the every room of this hotel. Things like Parking Space,  swimming pool indoor games and other important infrastructure you can find here. 

Places to explore in Taki 

Taki is not too small a town to explore in one day. Minimum you have to plan for two days and one night to explore taki properly. Here we listed the most popular places to visit in Taki, West Bengal. 

Taki Rajbari Tea stall : 

The Taki tour will be totally incomplete without testing the Tea of Taki. Special things of taki Rajbari tea stall is,  designed earthen pots are used to serve tea. Each cup of tea cost only ten rupees . Cool breeze from the Ichamati river with a cup of tea will bring you to another world. Rajbari tea stall is situated in the proper Taki Rajbari Ghat. 

Taki Bidhan Saikat : 

Taki Bidhan saikat is the oldest tourism park in Taki. It was part of the Ichamati river side beautification project of the West Bengal tourism department. However,  in recent years this place has been renovated and modified for more tourist attractions. You can spend hours relaxing while sitting on bances . Horizontal view of Bangladesh and flowing ichamati river will relax your soul. Concert made seating benches stretch along the river side. After sunset, Bidhan saikat is covered with colorful lights. Series of lamp posts illuminate the river bank. 

Pradip Saikat :

Pradip saikat was made for picnic purposes in Taki. Concrete made two stroad cottages built on the bank of the river. Ground floor and first floor individual rent price is respectively 600 and 800. Through the Taki municipality authority you can book your day for a picnic. Pradip saikat is also best for photographers. 

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Taki Eco Park : 

Taki eco-park irrugurate in 2016 to promote tourism in Taki. Eco park is situated on Manshingha Rode of Taki. You can visit here any time of the year.  For couples or those who want to spend some time in secluded places,  Eco park is the best place for them. There is a guest house,  aquarium and a small bird sanctuary in this park. There are also boating facilities in the quiet silent lake of Eco park. Normally the entry fee of this park is 15 rupees per person. There is a food court inside the park. You can get all types of bengali food options here. Overall,  Taki Eco park is one of the best places for photographers. 

Taki Golpata Jungle : 

Taki golpata forest or mini sundarban is another major attraction in Taki. Golpata forest is actually the place of mangrove plants like Sundari ,  Goran,  Golpata etc. However, due to the abundance of golpata trees, it is also known as golpata jungle. A concrete bridge has been built over the Golepata jungle for the development of tourism. The entrance fee of Golpata Jungle is 10 rupees per person .Adventure thrilling persons also explore the core forest safely. 

Taki sodpur River Side
Taki sodpur River Side

During the winter,  pure palm juice and patali are sold in the Golpata forest by locals. In summer you can enjoy cool sweet coconut water . Beside this,  pure desi ghee is very famous  in this place. 

After the Golpata expedition , you can have lunch in local Dhaba.

Golpata forest is situated about 8 kilometers from the proper Taki River bank. The best way to reach golpata is by booking a local toto. It charges around 350- 400 depending on your negotiation skill. However,  if you ride a bike then you can directly reach golpata. One thing you should remember is that it’s a border area so always carry your identity proof.  After submitting your identity proof on the BSF check post you will get access to Golpata forest. 

Taki kulershawri kali bari :

Kuleshwari kali bari is one of the ancient Temples in Taki.  There is a very significant history behind this temple. It remains that this temple is almost 300 years old.  Devi kali is worshipped here. Devotees believe that Kali, the goddess of the Kulsari Kali house, is very awake . Devotees from far and wide come here to visit this temple. Many visitors also come here from neighboring Bangladesh.

The priest worships the goddess in the temple every morning and evening. On some special days, worship is done in this temple with great pomp . Ancient sacrificial rituals are still practiced here . Goats are sacrificed to the Goddess on the date of Kaushiki New Moon . Lots of devotees are gathering these days. Lots of devotees gather on the day of Kaushiki New Moon . However,  other popular events of kulershawri kali bari are Neel,  Charak, annual kali puja etc. You can visit during those events to get more memorable memories. 

Taki RamaKrishna Mission :

There is a RamaKrishna Mission in Taki as a branch of Belur math. Every year hundreds of students pass out with good marks as well as life lessons  .Lots of established meritorious students from home and abroad have passed from this school. Ramakrishna Mission has taken Taki’s pride to a higher peak.At present Taki Ramakrishna Mission has the facility of reading up to class 10 . The school campus has a boys hostel, a library,  a playground and a medical center .

Students and respect monks of the mission chant prayers in every morning and evening. During the chanting a very mind relaxing atmosphere created inside the temple. If you are planning to stay a night in taki,  then you should obviously pay attention to the evening prayer of RamaKrishna Mission. 

There is also a primary section near the main campus,  under Taki Ramakrishna Mission . Annual prize distribution function as well as Birthday of swami Vivekananda celebrated in the ground of the Primary section.

Jora Mandir : 

Jora mandir is another popular temple in Taki. Location of this temple helps to enhance the beauty.  There is a big pond opposite of the temple. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple. 

Taki district Library : The rich culture and heritage of Taki can be assured by the District library of Taki. There are thousands of books stored in the library. The best time to visit this place is evening. Opening time of this library is 4:00 pm to 08:00 pm in evening. If you want to know more historical details about Taki,  then you can read the ” Takir Itihas ” book that you can easily find in the library. 

Puber Bari :Taki is the land of zamindars. In ancient times there were many places here . Puberbari is one of the many old Rajbari in Taki. Puber bari is situated on the opposite of Taki rural hospital .you can easily access this place by road. The best time to visit this place is during Durga puja. 

Another popular Rajbari in Taki is ” Ghosher Bari “. During Durga Puja, the descendants of all these zamindars came to Taki and performed all the rituals of Durga Puja.Traditionally the idol of Goddess Durga is made the same here every year. On the eighth day of Durga Puja, a huge meal is organized here . 

Prasad is given to every devotee on this day irrespective of the rich and poor of the society .

How  to reach Taki West Bengal  

Taki is well connected by highways with nearest megacities Kolkata. From Kolkata you can reach Taki Via Basanti Highway.  Otherwise,  you can reach Taki Station by train. Plenty of local trains for Taki are available from Sealdah station. After , In Taki station you can reach Taki river side by Local Toto or Van. 

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