Solang Valley in Manali

Solang Valley in Manali

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Solang valley is one of the best destinations in Manali. No matter what the season, you will definitely get a unique experience from Solang. Among the other valleys like Kulu valley and others,  Solang valley is popular for its various snow activities in Himachal Pradesh. Solang valley is known as Solang Nallah locally. Solang means a nearby village where the Nallah means water stream. Anyhow,  you can enjoy the Beauty of mountain rills in your solang journey. Solang valley is known for its honeymoon destiny and ski resorts. Snow cover mountains and snowfall make this place into a lover’s paradise.

Solang valley is situated in the lap of Himalaya. Mountain river and snow pick mountain situations surround the valley.  Solang valley is situated in inHimachallPradeshh, Indiana.  The elevation of this place is 2560 m from the sea surface. Manali town is almost 14kilometersr away from Solang valley. 

How to reach Solang valley : 

Solang valley is situated 18 kilometers away from Manali town. First of all,you have to reach Manal,  from Manali you can easily reach Solang valley. The bike rental option is available in Manali. The bike is the best option to reach Solang for solo travelers or couples also. It will cost around 1000 rupees per day.  They provide you with a bike and a helmet. You have to bear extra fuel costs. 

Otherwise, you can book a text from Manali to reach Solang.  Shear taxis are also the best and cheapest option to reach Solang. 

Paragliding :

One of the most adventure thrilling activities in solang as well asManali is paragliding. There are two types of paragliding jump option , high jump and low jump.  In high jump,  you can also experience ropeway.  After purchasing your ticket , your guide will take you to the top of the valley.  From there you have to dive into the sky.  The ticket cost is around 3000-3200 , including the ropeway.

And another low level paragliding performed from quite a low level valley. You have to pay around 1000 rupees for one ride (you will get an experience guide ).

Zorbing : 

It is another unique snow activity in Solang valley. Zorbing is a huge transparent plastic ball. You need to go inside the ball to experience a zorbing ride.  Two people can enjoy zorbing at a time.  However,  it is the most popular ride for couples. One time zorbing ride costs around 300-400 rupees (depends on the season). For a single ride,  the price will be the same. 

Skitting in Solang valley :

Silang Valley in Manali
Silang Valley in Manali

Skitting is a common but adventurous ride in all snow covered regions. If you don’t have any experience with skating,  then you can take help from an expert. However,  the sharp slope of the valley and the layar of snow makeSolangg in the skater’s paradise. 

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