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Science City, Kolkata

Science city is the big science exhibition center in Kolkata. This center was opened on 1 July 1997. The science city ground designed for educational purposes. National Council of science museums is maintained the Science. Arijit Dutta Chowdhury is the present director of Kolkata Science City. Every year millions of visitors visit here. The floor space of the main building of science city is 32064 m. It is the best place for a school excursion or one holiday trip.
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How to reach Science City: 

The science city is situated in Kolkata. The proper address of Science City is.J.B.S. S Avenue, Mirania Gardens, East Topsia, Topsia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046 . To reach the science city you should first reach in Kolkata, from Kolkata you easily reach here. The nearest Railway Stations are Sealdah and Howrah. And the nearest airport in Kolkata is Dumdum Airport.




Science city authority provides to you a great chance to taste the experience of a rope riding. You can easily enter throughout the rope. The rope riding experience is really amazing. Through the ride, you can see All over the science city campus from the top.

Space theater:

Science added a new feature in their campus, Science on space. This theater situated at the center of the main this theater, you can realize the life of space. This is a really wonderful feature in the science city.


3D show:

The 3d show is one of another part of science city. Here you can realize the virtual world cames out from the giant screen. This is really an amazing experience.

Power of Ten:

There is a lot of things in the main building of Science City. The power of  ten is one of them. In this Figure, they try to describe “what is the result, when you mmultiply10 to anything.” As an example, they show a photo, from the earth surface to space. Every time they multiply 10 with the last one.

Mirror Magic:

Mirror magic is really an interesting thing in here. They make a very enjoyable place by using mirrors. At the entrance, they make a puzzle field. Overall they present a lot of things just only using a mirror.

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