saraswati puja 2021

saraswati puja 2021

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saraswati puja 2021

Saraswati is the goddess of culture, arts, knowledge, and learning. This festival is also known as Vasanti or Basanti Panchami. The name Basanta or Basanta came from the Bengali season Vasant (Spring ). Saraswati puja celebrates all over India throughout the various regions like Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, etc. The path of reach goddess Saraswati may be different but the goal of them is the same. They all wish for the blessing of goddess Saraswati, shower on them.

When celebrate saraswati puja

Through celebrating Saraswati puja , Bengalis welcome the kind of season Vasanti or spring . Saraswati puja celebrate twice in a year . First, in the February as Saraswati puja or Basanti Panchami. And secondly, in Navaratra or Durga puja in September / October . Above all, Basanti Panchami affects a lot in students’ life.

where celebrate Saraswati puja

Saraswati Puja mainly celebrated in schools and colleges .some students and their parents arrange Saraswati puja by there own initiative . The student arranges everything from the Statue of the goddess to purohit and passed. It’s really a remarkable moment in every student’s life.

The significance Of this festival

Goddess Saraswati is the sign of purity and peace. According to Hindu mythology, the worship goddess increases the skills level in various learning fields like singing, painting, dancing, learning, etc. Devotees’ worship the goddess with full devotion.Then they pray for getting blessed with the power of wisdom and intellectuality. The devotee also prays to the goddess to lift up their knowledge, thinking level, and wisdom.

Celebrating the Saraswati puja:

On the day of Saraswati puja students dress up in the traditional way. Boys wear Traditional Dhut and Panjabi. And the girls wear Sharee. After that, they get prepared for Anjali puja. They submit there books or music or drawing instruments in Infront of the goddess with hopeful belief. Too young kids also gathered by there parents. They started there study life in Infront of goddess Saraswati. With the help of Purohit ( priest), they write the first time in life (hate kori ). After the end of all puja, process Obliged students to distributed prasad among all devote. In the evening there again gathered together for Sandhya Puja.

In the afternoon of that day, they enjoy that day on the way. Some groups of students enjoy short traveling, some enjoy through kite flying. In conclusion, saraswati puja is very important in. Students life.

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