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Santiniketan , the walking field of Rabindranath Tagore

Santiniketan is a very popular visiting spot from the early age of two thousand century. A lot of historical stories belongs form here. But nowadays it is popular as a university town. Overall as Vishwa Kabi Rabindranath Tagore’s Nobel playground, it is much popular. Every year thousands of Tourists are visit here.

Why Santiniketan is Unique :

There is a close relation between Rabindra Nath Tagore and Santiniketan. Rabindranath spent many years of his life in this place. Bhuban Danga was the ancient name of Santiniketan. Maharshi Devendranath Tagore, Father of Rabindranath Tagore was the founder of Santiniketan. He was a great renowned figure in the field of Brahmo Samaj or Brahmo region in the eighteen century.In1863, he found Brahmo Samaj in here. During his stay in Kolkata, Rabindranath won the Nobel prize for his ever memorable creation Gitanjali.

Birbhum is a Red soil place. The clay pot of Bolpur has a special demand all over the world. Tourists buy Pottery from here for a memory. beside of this Santiniketan’s cloth, bags are so beautiful thing, that you can add to your shopping list.

 Importance of Santiniketan:

Santiniketan Plays a great role in the field of Indian arts and education from the nineteenth century. In 1901, RabindrabathTagor found Path Bhawan. In the course of time, the Path Bhawan has been transformed into Visva Bharati University. Rabindranath first starts Path Bhaban With only five students. The primary goal for established Path Bhaban is to share knowledge in the open environment where students get directed touch of nature.

Natural Beauty In Santiniketan
Natural Beauty In Bolpur

In 1921, after receiving the Nobel prize Rabindra Nath Tagore upgrade the Path Bhaban in Visva Bharati Universit. Then Visva Bharati started its journey with only 7 students. It was the first Non-European education system, which builds in India. now at a day, it provides the education from kindergarten to the Ph.D. level under one roof. overall a student gets open campus and they can easily build a link with nature. Tapoban and Gurukul traditional education system are still found here.

Ancient Zamindar House

In 1919, Rabindranath Tagore Found Kala Bhawan in Bolpur. Kala Bhawan is still the world’s best art college. The great painter Nandalal Bose was invited by Rabindranath In this Kala Bhawan. Various kind of printing method is taught here.
 world’s best some personalities are belonged from here. In 2010, UNESCO declared Santiniketan As World’s heritage site.

Architecture in Santiniketan
Architecture in Santiniketan

Festival Celebrations In Shantiniketan :

Basanta Utsav is the greatest festival, which mainly celebrated in Santiniketan. it is the festival of color. Rabindranath Tagore introduced Basanta Utsav in Bolpur. Now it is a very popular festival all over the world. This festival is a symbol of joy and peace.

Basanta Utsav
Tourist in Basanta Utsav

At the middle of March, it was celebrated every year. In Bengali’s life, this festival is popularly known as Holi Utsav. the students of Visva Bharati University participated in this festival. due to the Basanta Utsav a wonderful present or very special atmosphere created in Santiniketan campus.
Another one biggest festival which celebrates in Birbhul, Santiniketan is Poush Mela. It held on 7th Poush according to Bengali calendar. The fair is held for six days. Every day thousands of visitors come in this fair.

 Location Of Santiniketan:

Santiniketan is situated in Birbhum District Of West Bengal, India. Bolpur is the town of Santiniketan. The Distance from Calcutta toBolpur is about 165 kilometers. The highway and Railway both improved the communication system of Santiniketan.

By Train:

If you want to visit Santiniketan then you easily get an express train to Santinikal From Hawrah Station, Kolkata. It is the most preferable way to reach Santiniketan. There are a lot of trans available for Bolpur to Howrah Junction. The most popular train which is available for this root is Guwahati Express, Darbhanga Weekly Express, Shahid Express, etc.
In the below, the screenshot you can see the approximate fair on the train from Howrah To Bolpur. you can reach this page by following this Train Booking Website link. From proper Bolpur Station, Santiniketan is about 2-3 kilometer away.

By Highway:

you can follow the highway to reach Santiniketan. There is no direct bus is available to Santiniketan from Kolkata. If you have your own car then you definitely get an extra advantage on High way. lets me describe how you reach Santiniketan From Kolkata with the easiest way.
Get on Belghoria Expy in Alambazar, Baranagar from Acharya Prafulla Chandra Rd and Barrackpore Trunk Rd Follow NH19 and NH114 to Durgapur – Illambazar Bypass Rd in Bolpur PContinue on Durgapur – Illambazar Bypass Rd. Drive to USS Road in Bolpur.

Gateway in Santiniketan
Gateway in Bolpur

where to stay:

There is a lot of Hotel or Guesthouse are available in Santiniketan Locality. Some of them provide high-quality service at the chief price.

You can get a Singel room as rent just only 500-600 rupees per night. Beside of these Luxury hotels are available here. they provide all the modern facility like Car parking, wi-fi, breakfast, 24 hours facility, security, etc. But you have to pay more for those hotels. The price of the hotel for per day starts from 1500-5000.

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