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Rath Yatra at Puri

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Puri is famous for Jagannath Dev’s temple. The Jagannath is a Bengali word which means ” the lord of universe”. Puri Rath Yatra is a great pilgrims site among Hindu religions. Every year thousands of devotees visit due to Puri Rath Yatra. Besides the Pilgrimage, puri is most attractive for sea beach or holiday spot. In the middle of every year, millions of devotees gathered here due to Rath Yatra. Puri is also known as Sri Jagannatha Dhamma. It seems that Maharaja(King) Indradyumnawas build this temple in the ancient age.

The Kalinga architecture style is noticeable in the design of Jagannath temple, Puri. There is four entrance gate in this temple. Each of them is popular by there different unique names like the northern gate is popular as Hati Dwara(elephant Door),  Ashwa Dwara(horse door) is the name of the southern gate of the temple. Eastern door is popularly known as Singha Dwara( lion Door) and after that finally, the western door of the temple is known as Viagra Dwara (Tigers Door)

Puri Rath Yatra
Puri Rath Yatra Source

Chariot used for Puri Rath Yatra :


The name of Jagannath dev’s chariot is Nandighosa or Kapiladhwaja. This chariot has sixteen wheels and the hight is forty-five feet. 832 pieces of wood used to make this chariot. The rope that used to pull this chariot is Sankhachuda Nagini. The yellow and red cloth used to decorate this chariot.


The brother of Jagannath dev is Balarama, whose chariot is Taladhwaja. The Taladhwaja means palm-flag. Seven hundred and sixty-three pieces of wood used to make Taladhwaja chariot. Basuki Naga is used as the rope to pull this chariot. There are fourteen wheels in this chariot. And this chariot covered by red and green cloth.


Dwarpadalana is the name of  Subhadra’s chariot. Jagannath dev’s sister was Subhadra. The Bengali word Dwarpadalana means the destruction of pride. Five hundred and ninety-three pieces of wood used to built this chariot. Swarnachuda Naguni used here as a rope for pulling this chariot.
There are twelve wheels in this chariot, each of them has a seven-foot diameter. The color of cloth that used to decorate this chariot is traditional red and black. Every year more than 100 carpenters were engaged for two or three months to build three chariots.

location of Puri Rath Yatra :

Puri is situated in Orissa state, eastern India. At the bank of Bay of Bengal, Puri situated.  The puri city belongs to a municipality area. Worlds largest and oldest Ratha yatra celebrated in this place.
Puri is a small city. There is no airport near Puri. The nearest airport is situated almost 60 kilometers far in Bhubaneswar. But Puri is a very beautiful city, and the high way and railway connect it with other cities. The Puri Rath Yatra occurred at the bank of the seashore.

 Ratha yatra of Puri:

Every year in the middle of the year the rath yatra or chariot festival celebrates. It believes that every year Lord Jagannath has a desire to visit his birthplace, to full fill this desire the Ratha Yatra festival is organized. Every year on the second day of Sukla pakeha of Ashadh month this festival celebrated. (Ashadh is a month in Bengali calendar, approximate June or July on English calendar).This festival held all over a week. The Ratha Yatra means the journey of the chariot. Due to this festival lord, Jagannath dev went his Masi’s Bari (aunt’s house).

Jagannath dev’s brother, Balavadra and sister Subhadra also went with Jagannath by several Rath ( chariot ).From the puri temple, they despatched for Gundicha, where they stay for a week. This Gundicha is popularly known as the garden house of Lord Jagannath. Gundicha was the wife of  Maharaja(King) Indradyumna who built Jagannath temple. Gundicha temple is situated three kilometers to the northeast of  Jagannath temple. Light -gray sandstones are used to build this Temple

 In those day’s when Jagannath dev stays his aunt’s house, then every day they arrange fifty -six types of royal food items. Besides they also arrange food for general people. To visit inside the temple general people have to pay some fees. Foreigners are forbidden to visit inside this temple.

Schedule date of upcoming Rath Yatra in Puri

YearDate Event
2020 Tuesday, 23 June Puri Rath Yatra
2021 Sunday, 11 July Puri Rath Yatra
2022 Thursday, 30 June Puri Rath Yatra
2023 Monday, 19 June Puri Rath Yatra

Eight Unknown Best Fact about Puri Jagannath Dev’s temple

It says the puri (rath yatra) is the most Mysterious place in the country. lots of strange things happen in this area that have not any scientific Explanation.

  •  In this temple. the statue of Lord Jagannath Dev and her brother, sister are made with Neem tree. The piece of the tree comes with the flow by ocean water.  Every forty-years later temple authority changed the statue with the new Neem tree.
  • we know or even a child knows that when we blocked light by something then it causes a shadow. But that law is not acceptable for Jagannath temple at Puri. There is no shadow made by this temple on the ground. 
  • There is a Sudarshan Chakra at the top of the temple, but the fact is that chakra of one ton(907.185 kilograms) was established at 214 feet top by only manpower. And another fact about that chakra is, the chakra appearance same if you see the chakra from any side of the temple
  • The flag of the temple is always flowing against the wind,  scientists are also confused about this behavior of the flag.
  • The Jagannath temple is located at the bank of Bay of Bengal, in spite of that when you enter inside the temple then you entirely lost the sound of ocean waves. When you leave the temple then the sound of ocean waves is returned.
Food :
  • The temple authority every day arranges food for a thousand people, on due to the  Puri Ratha yatra festival the number of people overflows the thousand. But the interesting part is, they cooked food using big metal pot, keep seven pot one by one vertically, after that they start flaming by wood under the bottom pot, strangely in this magical cooking method, the top pot’s food cooked first.
  • Generally, birds fly over buildings or domes but in the case of Jagannath temple, not a single bird can see to fly or take rest over the temple. In fact, Even airplanes are also not seen over the temple surround. It seems that Lord Jagannath doesn’t want any disturbances.
  • Every day a priest climbed the temple wall, and reach 214 feet top to change the temple flag.  The strange matter is he doesn’t use any safety tool or rope in this whole process. In other words, they climb up the temple wall with life risk.

Other visiting places in Puri :

  1. Swargadwar: Swargadwar is situated it the bank of the seashore. This area is used as a burning ghat. Thousands of dead bodies of Hindus are burned here. It seems that in Hindu mythology that after death, the body is destroyed but the soil is undestroyable.
  2. Raghunandana library: Raghunandana library one of the most ancient libraries in the Puri district. Many ancient rare books stored in this library. Raghunandana library, located near the CNR temple.
  3.   Sea Beach: Sea beach of Bay of Bengal is in addition gift for tourists, who was come for visiting Jagannath temple. World-famous sand art is also created on this bitch. Applique art also famous on this beach. That type of art is really locking so gorgeous. moreover surfing or beath on light sunshine is really full fill to the journey of puri
  4. District Museum: In 1997, the District library of Puri was established. The main purpose of opening this museum is to preserve ancient things related to Puri or Jagannath Temple. Tourists visit here to see those things, like painting on palm leaf, Statue of the lord, etc.

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