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Princep Ghat is a significant ideal Memory of British Raj. Nowadays it is a very popular and oldest recreation spot in Kolkata. The Palladian porch is the main attraction in Princep ghat. The foundation stone of Princep was laid down in 1841 During the British Raj. Princep Ghat porch is a Palladian type, Europian architect. It is one of the oldest Memorial in Kolkata. It is situated on the way of Fort William. However, Princep ghat is the most attractive place for couples in the city of joy. Almost every day of the year a crowd of couples can be seen here.

The crowd just got overloaded on the day of the festive and events; like Valentine’s day, Christmas, Saraswati puja, etc. Many roses seller sell roses for couples who visit this place to more memorable their day. It is also a great place to enjoy sunrise or sunset inside the city of joy. Many senior citizens finished their morning walk here with the cool air of Hoogly river. This place also offers a magnificent portrait view of Howrah Bridge.

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History Behind Princep ghat

In the memory of James Prinsep, Princep ghat built. James Prinsep was an Anglo Indian Archaeologist. He was the tenth child of John Prinsep and Sophia Elizabeth Auriol. In 1819, James Prinsep came to India for the source of his job. Here he comes in the proximity of great Orientalist Horace Hayman Wilson. Through this great orientalist company, James Prinsep gathered a vast knowledge in the field of Archaeology. After that, he shifted in Benaras from Kolkata. Here he prepared the design of the temple architecture and draw the map of Benaras.

Therefore, in 1832 he again returns in Kolkata and started his great research on Indian currency. From there, He gives the shape of Great Brahmi Lipi. Nowadays, Bahama Lipi Hels up to find out about the empire in Ashoka. In conclusion, it played a great role in Archeology. In the year, 1842 he died at the age of 81. After his death, his followers made Princep ghat the bank of Hooghly River.

Significant of this place

Princep ghat used for a long time. Due to the British era, this ghat used to carry dead bodies of the British soldiers. Thereafter, in the second world war, it(Princep ghat ) played a great role. It carries the memories of huge use in the second world war. It was also used as the jetty ghat for the British family. Nowadays, this place maintained and developed by Kolkata port trust. Nearest another popular jetty is Man of War. Both Ghats are mainly used by the Indian navy. A wonderful side view of Vidyasagar Setu can be enjoyable from here.

Princep Ghat is the best place for the photoshoot and video shooting. Many Bollywood films have been shot here. Some parts of a recently released Bengali film named “Parineeta” were shot in this location.

Princep ghat boat ride for couple price

Princep is the best destiny for couples in Kolkata. After the sunset, Princep ghat ground explores its night beauty. All surrounded are well decorated with colorful lights. in bonus, the breeze from the Hoogly river makes it more heart touchable. Above all, It is one of the quietest addresses in the suburban Kolkata city. Boat trips on the Hoogly river with special one makes this destiny more memorable. Couples can rent beautifully decorated boats from here. The asking price for half an hour is 400 INR. After that, the boat fair depends on your negotiable skill. Boat owners runes their boat in two shit in a day. firstly, In the morning from 06: am to 09: am. And secondly, in the evening time, from 05;00 pm to 07;00 pm. However, boatmen extend their time by requesting an extra charge.

There is a popular ice cream stall adjoining to the Ghat. The shop has been selling ice cream in the same way for the last 40 years. You must try ice-cream from this shop. However, there are also other food stalls along the river. like Phuchka, Velpuri, Eag roll, and other first food. In addition, there is another popular park at the bank of Hoog;y river named Howrah Millennium Park. This is the most recommended place to visit inside Kolkata(City of Joy).

Location Of Princep Ghat

It is situated at the bank of Hooghly river. Prinsep Ghat belongs to Kolkata city. Howrah is located on the banks of the Hooghly river opposite the Princep Ghat. So, the best way to reach here from Howrah is through Howrah Bridge There is a circular rail station of Indian railways at the name of Princep ghat. The code name of this station is PPGT. The Palladian porch and Princep Ghat situated at both sides of the rail track.

The popular Babu ghat is about 2 km from Princep ghat. Ferry service is available here. You can also reach this place from hiring a Taxi or Uber from anywhere in Kolkata.

Best time to visit

Princepghat can be visited any time in a Day. The tourists crowded almost every day of the year in Princep ghat. However the best time in the day you should visit here in the morning time and evening time. At night, the Princeps Gate illuminates the spectacular lighting decoration. Enlightened Vidyasagar Bridge enhances the beauty of Kolkata at night. In conclusion, Princep ghat is the best destination to spaned some moments with special once.

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