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Pangong Lake Ladakh

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Pangong Lake Ladakh

Pangong lake is the topmost rated visiting spot in Ladakh. Pangong lake is also known as Pangong Tso. This lake extended over India china and the Tibetian region. However,  the maximum part of this lake lies over the Tibetian Autonomous region. The popular sense of 3 idiot movie had shot in the shore of this Pangong lake.

An interesting thing about the Pangong is this lake changed it’s color all day.  Between June to September, this lake reflects deep blue to gray color all over a day.  The name of the lake ” Pangong ” came from the Tibetian word Banggong co. One-third of the lake lies in India and the rest part occupied by China and Tibet. Every year millions of rides and tourists come here for the beauty of Pangong.  It is the perfect place for the photographer.

The Geographical location of Pangong Lake

Pangong lake is situated at an elevation of 4250 meters. The total length of this lake is 134 km. The width is almost 5 kilometer. In normal times when the lake is not frozen, the average depth of this lake is 328 ft.

Pangong lake plays an important role in the reproductive system of migratory birds.  Every year countless migratory birds come to this lake and collect food like planktons from the shore of the lake. Special spaces donkey and squirrel are the most noticeable animals in the adjacent area of Pangong Tso. Environmentalists claim that due to high salinity and harsh environment,  low biodiversity can be observed here. 

In the ancient age, Pangong Tso connected with five small lakes. Western lakes of this region basically end with TSO. The whole lake group is known as Tsomo Nganglam Rings including Pangong. According to Chinese media source the Tibetan word “Tsomo Nganglha Ringpo ” means narrow enchanted lake. 

The water of this lake is not the same everywhere in the lake. Eastern part of this lake content fresh ice melted water; where the western part of the lake content Salty water. Local guides often claim that no aquatic life exists inside the lake water.  However,  some time migratory birds flew here to search for food. Some special and rare kind plants grow around the lake in the summertime. 

Pangong – the indo china conflict zone 

The indo china border in Pangong is quite different than another border because in Pangong the borderline of two countries passes over the water.  The border between India and china know as the line of Actual  Control (LAC). Pangong lake is the only place where the lac passes over the water surface.  As per the geographical situation, this region is divided into three parts, like eastern, western, and middle.  As a result of crossing the borderline over the water, there is a dispute over the correct boundary line between the two countries. Indian soldier calms the length of the LAC is 3488 km while china bereaved the length of the lake is 2000 km. 

The Pangong lake is situated at zero points,  where two countries always fight for the borderline.  Being a sensitive area,  you must have to get a permit to visit here. If you belong from foreign then you need a group permit. For security purposes, indian high authority doesn’t allow voting on the Pangong Tso. 

China’s national highway 219 passed near the eastern end of the lake.  Indian and Chinese army fight against each other many times. On 20th May 2020, almost 250 Indian and Chinese soldiers came to fight face to face.  Four Indian soldiers died in this war.  However, in 2017 and 2019 they also fight for the same border issue. In June 2020, China again attacked the Indian army near this region.  More than 10 soldiers died in the war.  However, the Indian army always on duty to save our nation

Pangong Lake Ladakh
Pangong Lake Ladakh

The importance of this Pangong in movie 

For the beauty and magnificent view of Pangong lake,  many Bollywood movies were shot in this location. Some popular films that were shot in Pangong lake are. 

  • ” Satrangi Re ” song acted by Shah Rukh Khan and Manisha Koirala – 1998
  • ” Heroes ” by Aseem Arora – 2008
  • ” 3 idiots ” climax part act by Aamir Khan – 2009
  • “jab Tak hai Jaan ” Bikini scene of Anushka Sarma – 2012
  • “Sanam Re “- 2016

Important tips to keep in mind for Pangong trip:

 The weather of Pangong lake mostly cold throughout the year.  Even in summertime, the temperature fluctuates between  10 – 15 cl. So we must carry woolen clothes and glaves.

Make a plan earlier before your journey. On peak season time,  the chances of booking your hotel in winter are almost nil. Almost all the rooms of the Hotel and Homestay are booked in season time. So reach before pangong make sure you have booked a room for a night stay.  Otherwise, as a backup plan, you can carry a tent or sleeping bag. However,  sometimes you can’t find a good place near the lake for camping. So prepared your mindset especially when you ride solo. But don’t worry,  there are lots of open spaces near the lake to make a tent. 

The altitude of the Pangong lake is 4250 meters. So take precautions about altitude sickness. It is a common problem in this hight. To avoid this problem,  take rest a full day before your Pangong trip. You can stay one day in Leh or Nubra valley to deliver your peak energy in your Pangong trip. Must carry medicine and a first aid kit on your journey. 

Mobile phone signals are very unstable in this region.  But in a few places near Pangong,  you can get a poor signal from certain network provider operators.  Mostly Bsnl Airtel and jio works in this tough situation 

Keep an offline or photocopy of your destination.  It will help you when your mobile phone or electric gauge is not working due to poor signal or batter. So always carry a map for a backup guide.  

How to reach Pangong Lake ladakh ? 

Pangong lake is situated almost 140 kilometers away from Leh.The nearest  Railway  Station of Pangong tso is Jammu Tawi at Jammu.  You can easily reach Pangong by Air,  Railway, and Roadway from anywhere in the world. 


The nearest airport of Pangong lake is Rinpoche airport at kusho Bakula, Leh Ladakh. It is the 23rd highest commercial airport in the world. Indian air force owned this airport.  After reaching Kushok Bakula airport you can hire a bike or book a local car to reach Leh.  From Leh, you can easily reach Pangong lake ( check highway option below) 

Roadway :

The roadway is the most popular and highly recommended way to reach Pangong lake.  The journey will be extremely more beautiful than your destiny. Usually, riders take two days to reach Pangong from Leh. But it depends on how many breaks did you take in your journey and how many places did you explore in your journey. The distance from Leh to Pangong is 140 kilometers. Often rider came Pangong via Leh Ladakh by riding bikes.

Read more : Best bike for leh ladakh trip.

Route way 

Leh ➡ Kartu ➡ Sakti ➡ Harga la ➡ Durbuk ➡ Taste ➡ Lulung ➡ spangmik ➡ pangong lake.  

However, you can reach Pangong lake directly from Nubra valley. If you don’t explore Leh and just want to see the amazing beauty of Pangong then you can directly reach Nubra valley. 

Nubra valley ➡ summer ➡ Khalsa ➡ shyok ➡ Tangtse ➡ Lukung ➡ pangong

Best time to visit Pangong :

The weather of Pangong lake exist cold maximum time all over the year. But between June and September, you can visit this place. Due to those months, the weather becomes warm.  Winter is quite harsh in this region.  Sometimes the water along with the soil is frozen for cold weather. But get proper news about borderline status before your plan

Where to eat in pangong  lake ladakh?

There are very few option in pangong lake on your journey. You can get hotel or dhaba in Durbuk and Lukung. On dhaba they provide you a best quality food  .local people own those dhabas.  you can feel home feelings by that hand made foods. However, take some extra food in your backpack .  There are some food stalls near the lake. But they were too expensive. So try to make lunch and dinner from dhaba or hotel.

Plastic pollution in pangong

In addition to the indo china war,  plastic pollution is one of the major concerns in Pangong.  Unconscious tourists after come here to visit and leave plastic bags and bottles.  At the end of the year, the local government has to transfer a lot of plastic to maintain the balance of the environment. Despite the government’s plastic awareness campaign,  none of these problems have been completely resolved. In addition,  the growing number of hotels and restaurants is another major cause of plastic pollution in Pangong Tso. 

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