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Nubra Valley Leh

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Nubra Valley Leh

Nubra valley is a popular tourist spot in Ladakh.  The Shyok and Siachen rivers meet near the Nubra Valley Leh. This is the dream place for every bike rider.  Every year millions of riders make their golden memories of long rides on this world’s highest mountable road. It’s incredible landscape and mountain view attracts tourists from far away. For adventure enthusiasts people,  Nubra valley is a dream place.  For the amazing beauty, travelers addressed this place as the “Heaven of the Earth “. 

The capital of Nubra valley is Diskit.  The population in Diskit is so limited to the challenging environment and barren land. Shyok river passed beside the Nubra valley. It separates the two major lands, Ladakh and Karakoram range. Line of Control the border of Pakistan is located on the opposite side of the Nubra valley on the side of the shyok river.   Nubra situated at an elevation of 3040 meters from the sea level.  There is a govt. travel office in Diskit.  They provide travel permits for Nubra valley. Nubra is made up of many small villages,  the most notable of which are sumur,  Tirith,  Turtuk,  panamik. Panamik village is popular for hot springs. In Spite of cold weather,  there is a place in panamik that surprisingly supplies hot springs. 

There is a Buddhist statue of 33 meters high in the Nubra Valley Leh.  It symbolizes the main principle of Buddhist,  peace.  

Location & how to reach :

Nubra valley is situated at the bank of the shyok river. The capital of Nubra,  Diskit is almost 140 kilometers away from Leh. The ancient silk route passed near the Nubra valley.  In previous times Hunder was the capital of Nubra.  

For a remote area,  there are no proper transportation connections in this part of the Himalayas. The only way that connects different torrents in this region is the highway. There is not any Railway Station or airport near the nubra valley. So you have to choose a bike or car to reach Nubra.  Through the railway, you just reach till Leh,  but from Leh, you must follow the highway. 

The most popular way to reach Nubra is from khardungla pass. This road open throughout the year.  

Significance of Nubra Valley 

In previous times,  there were so many trading areas in this place. India traded western china and many countries from Asia with this border. The Tibetian community often a route near this pass to enrolled India. Great Karakoram pass located at the northwest side of this valley. 

Some special kinds of mountain berries found in Nubra valley.  The local name of this barry is leh barry. Due to hilly terrain, the biodiversity is also different. Most animals cover with dence fur. local people Raising goats and lamb in a large numbers for milk and fur

Animals in Nubra Valley Leh
Animals in Nubra Valley Leh

Nubra valley is inhabited by some Balti and Muslims besides Buddhists.  Local languages that used to be in Nubra are Balti and Tibetian. There are also some unknown local languages. They have been communicating in these languages for centuries.  Even no written copies of those languages don’t exist.

For high altitude,  local people developed them by the generation for altitude sickness and many other problems for high altitude. The appearance of them is also quite different. They are mainly too tall in height.  Their blue eyeball,  brown hair,  and rosy cheeks make them unique. 

Due to high altitude land,  special species of thorn plants mainly found in this part of Himalayas. Local people cultivate wheat, blood apples,  apricots,  barley, etc.  Walnuts produced in this part of Himalayas are popular all over the world.  

The best thing to buy from Nubra 

In the Diskit market, you can get Kashmiri apple and apricot at a very reasonable price. Mainly this part of the Himalayas popular for walnuts.  However,  you can buy Kashmiri woolen clothes and local hand made crafts in your nubra journey. 

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