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Nathu la Pass

Nathula pass is a very popular tourist spot in the Himalayan region. The view of snowfall on the mountains absolutely spatulas. Nathula pass is basically an international trading border between India and China. Only lucky Indian citizens get the chance to see this pass after getting permission from the Government Tourism Department. Foreigners are prohibited from traveling at Nathula Pass. Nathula is apart of east Sikkim tourism. It is one of the biggest tourist attrition in India.

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Gangtok to Nathula pass

Nathula pass is a border area. It connects India and China. The only way (for tourists) to reach Nathula pass is from Gangtok. Being a border area it is restricted, so authority doesn’t allow tourists to stay here in Night. So, you need to book a hotel in Gangtok to cover this border place. The most preferable place to book a hotel in North Sikkim. Because from north Sikkim you able to ignore traffic jams and reach Nathus too early. The distance from the north Sikkim is a minimum for Gangtok to Nathula pass. Anyway, You have to leave your hotel room earlier. Because the Third Mile police checkpoint closes after 09:00 am. In this chack point you have to show your permit and after approval, you would able to enter the Nathula region.

Nathula pass weather :

The average temperature all over the year is 10 °C. Due to the winter season, the temperature drops till -25 °C. Heavy snowfall increases the beauty of Nashua pass in Winter. For snow lovers, The Nathua pass is a perfect destination. The summer season exists between May to October. Throughout those months, a huge number of tourists gather. And the temperature around 10-15 °C

Best time to visit Nathula pass Gangtok :

The best time to visit Nathuls pass is between May to October. Throughout those months the summer exists. But you wouldn’t able to see snow at this time. However, the atmosphere exist so beautiful and mist fress weather.

Nathulapass visiting days:

Nathula pass is open for Indian citizens in five days of a week. the five days are Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.The Nathula Pass is closed for tourists on Mondays and Tuesdays.And the visiting hours for this place is between 80:00 am-05:00 pm.

Places to explore in Nathula pass:

The required time to cover all the Nathul pass is almost one day. so you have to pant one single day to explore Nathula pass. the main attraction is snowfall and a spectacular view of mountains.there are so many small waterfalls and lakes on the way of Nathula pass. The bonus part that you can enjoy in the Nathul pass tour is described below. Before to visit those places you must require a permit.

Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake is an oval shape glacial lake of the Himalaya region. The Bhutia language “Tsomgo lake” means the source of the lake. Throughout the winter season, the lake remains frozen. The reflection of the sun’s light from the surface of the frosty lake creates a wonderful natural beauty. Surprisingly, as the seasons change, the color of the lake changes. The altitude of the Tsomgo lake is 12,313 ft from the sea surface.

Tsomgo Lake
Tsomgo Lake Source

The high mountain surrounded the lake. During winter the mountains are covered with deep snow. the temperature falls in 0–25 °C during the winter season. in summertime snow malted and become the source of the lake water. The summer season is attractive and charming for visitors.local people offer Yak ride in the surround of Tsomgo lake for tourists. The length of the lake is 836 meters and the width of the ake is 427 meters. There is a small Shiva temple at the bank of the lake. Indian postal service realized a commemorative stamp on this beautiful place.

Baba Mandir

Baba Mandir is another one popular visiting spot in Nathla pass, Gangtok. The distance from the Gangtok is about 52 kilometers. It is also known as Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple. It is located beside the road between Jelepla and Nathula pass. The altitude of this temple is 13123 feet from the sea level. The required time to cover this place is almost one hour. Learn more about baba Mandir by click this link.


Hangu lake is another one popular lake in Gangtok. It is located at an elevation of 1300 meters. The lake is nourished by the glacial of the surrounding mountains. The Indian army’s memorial for the foreign shoulder is situated beside the day. Before the monsoon, many migratory birds came from the Himalayas to seek food in the shallow waters of the Chango lake. The water of Hangu lake reflects the surrounded mountain view.

How to get a permit for Nathula pass :

Generally, the permit for Nathula pass is issued by Sikkim Tourism Department. The p[ermit has to show on the Third Mile police checkpoint. This chack point is on the way of Gangtok to Nathula pass. Anyway, discuss permit getting process.

You can personally apply for a permit. But usually, It takes a whole day to make a permit. So, you need to apply one day before the Nathula Pass plan. The required documents for that process are One id proof and Two passport size photos. You can use your Addhar card or passport or voter card as your id proof. The required payment you need to pay is 200 INR.

You can contact your hotel manager or travel agent to get the permit for Nathula pass.

Advance tips must follow for Nathula trip

  • Carry worm dress. ( Hand gloves, snow boots, and jacket must)
  • Carry some extra food
  • Get a permit (carry extra passport size photo and valid photo id)
  • Don’t deposit garbage and polluted lake and rivers.
  • Respect local people by asking them before taking a photo.

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