Nakhoda Masjid Kolkata Address

Nakhoda Masjid Kolkata Address

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Nakhoda Masjid Kolkata Address

Nakhoda Masjid is one of the oldest Mosques in Kolkata. It is the Chief mosque of all the mosques in Kolkata. Nakhoda mosque was built in the middle of the 19th century. Islamic and Mughal mixed architecture styles can be found in the design of Nakhoda mosques. The word Nakhoda meaning Mariner .There are a total of three domes and 27 minarets in the whole architecture. The height of each minaret is 151 ft. Lets talk about Nakhoda Masjid Kolkata Address and how to reach.

Nakhoda Masjid is situated in the Burrabazar area in central Kolkata,  West Bengal.The official address of Nakhoda Masjid is Rabindra Sarani,  Chowringhee North,  Bowbazar Kolkata,  700073, West Bengal

What is the best way to see the Nakhoda Mosque?  

Roadway : 

Nakhoda Masjid is situated in the bow Bazar market.  So anyhow you have to follow the nearest road to this place.  You can reach Mohammad Ali park or Arminian road or chitpur. From those places, Nakhoda masjid is too close to reaching by walking. The nearest highway 6 or Mahatma Gandhi Road connects all the popular cities near Kolkata. So the well-connected highway is the best way to reach Nakhoda masjid. 

Airway : 

After landing Kolkata airport you should go to Airport Taxi Stand Gate no. 1. From there you have to take a bus to reach Mohommad Ali park. Important bus numbers for this route are S151 / S184 / AC39.  You can choose any one bus from those three numbers. From Mohammad Ali park you can easily reach Nakhoda Mosque. It’s just 600 meters from Mohammad Ali park to Nakhoda Mosque. The bus fare is almost 10-30 rupees. 

Let’s see the whole route in a nutshell  

Route map : Airport ➡ Taxi stand Gate no.  1 ➡ Mohammad Ali park (via bus)  ➡ Nakhoda  Mosque (by walking)  


you can use an online cab service (Old /Uber ). It can easily pick up itself anywhere in the city and reach you at your destination. You don’t need to take an extra headache about this; all you just need to book a cab for your destination. However,  it is quite more expensive than regular public transportation. From the airport to the Nakhoda mosque you have to pay almost 270-300 depending on the vehicle. 


The nearest railway station of the nakhoda mosque is the Sealdah railway station. You can easily reach the mosque by walking from sealdah station. For more details follow the directions below 

Route map : Office colony ➡ Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road ➡ Surya sen Road ➡ Rabindra Sarani ➡ Nakhodka masjid. 

Option : 2

Take a bus from sealdah and Reach chitpur or Mohammad Ali park.  There are lots of buses available on this route. The bus fare is around 7 rupees.  After reaching Mohammad Ali park you can easily reach the nakhoda mosque by walking. Buses that runes on this route are MEDI1, C24, 44A, 215, 47A, 237   

Option :3

  you can reach the Nakhoda mosque by enjoying the ride of Kolkata’s heritage tram. You have to reach Howrah tram depot.  Then you can reach Mathua via tram. From Mathua you can easily reach Nakhoda masjid by walking. 

If you want to reach Nakhoda from the Howrah railway station,  then you can follow the list below

Howrah station AC4, E1, S5, S10A,  T12 Armeniam street 
Howrah station E32, AC59, AC10, C45 Chitpur 

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