Mukutmanipur Picnic Spot

Mukutmanipur Picnic Spot

Mukutmanipur Picnic Spot, The wonderful visiting spot in West Bengal

A very popular name among the tourists is Mukutmipur is situated in Bankura district at West Bengal. Mukutmanipur Picnic Spot would Be a perfect Spot for a holiday trip or tourist spot. The wonderful river, forest, waterfalls are must attract tourists in Mukutmanipur. which makes Mukutmanipur unique from all tourist spots in the world’s second largest dam. Beside this attrition, It is a very beautiful village. The pleasant atmosphere of this village attracts tourists.
It’s located near Jharkhand and Bankura Border. The Kansabati river was passing by the side of this beautiful village. Thousands of tourists visit here daily.
The villagers of this village are very simple and friendly. They could guide you to visit Mukutmanipur, as well as nearest visiting spots.

Mukutmanipur village
Mukutmanipur Picnic Spot

How to Reach Mukutmanipur:

Mukutmanipur is located in Bankura district. It’s two fifty kilometers away from Kolkata. It takes almost 5 hours to reach here from Kolkata.


There is no direct train from Kolkata to Mukutmanipur. But you can reach here by Step Journey.
From Kolkata, you should first reach Howrah Station. Here you can get Express trains (Rupashi Bangla express, Aranyak Express etc.)for Bankura via Kharagpur Junction. After reaching Bankura jun. you can take a Bus or local vehicles to reach Mukutmanipur Picnic Spot.

Mukutmanipur Dam:

In 1956, Mukutmanipur Dame was constructed under the supervision of the then Prime Minister. The dam is built for mainly irrigation purpose. People of Mukutmanipur and its adjoining areas are so benefited from this dam. This dam is 11.27 kilometer (seven miles) in length. The water of Kanshabati was reserved in this dam. the height of the dam from the sea level is 41.15 meter. The Government allocated.

Mukutmanipur dam : Source

Mukutmanipur, as a visiting spot:

The small village, Mukutmanipur is a very beautiful place. Indigenous people are basically lived in that village. They are very simple and friendly. Tourists can see the culture of the people of indigenous communities here.

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