Millennium Park

Millennium Park

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View from Millennium park

 Millennium Park is a popular place in Kolkata, West Bengal. This is a private park at the bank of Hoogly river. On the other side of this river the twin city of Kolkata,  Howrah, is situated. Millennium is the best place for relaxing and spending time in a quiet atmosphere at the bank of the Hooghly river. It is the first landmark of the riverside beautification of Kolkata. The sunset and sunrise view from this place is so pleasant. One can also enjoy the spectacular view of Howrah railway station and Howrah bridge over Hooghly River. Kolkata metropolitan authority gifted this park to the city of joy (Kolkata). The riverside of this park is open to give an amazing experience to the visitor. 

This park is the best option to directly interact with green in the metropolitan city, Kolkata. Various kinds of trees can be found everywhere in the park. This park is expanded across an area of 2.5 kilometers. To spend a holiday with family and friends, the millennium park is the best place. 

Basically, this park divided into two-part. One part is for the adult zone and the second part is for the kid’s zone. There are wooden benches beside the riverside. Adults can relax by sitting there and can enjoy the calm view of the Hooghly river. 

Millennium park
Millennium park

Kids zone in Millennium park :

In this park lots of instruments are available for kids. Children’s amusement rides Like toy trains, pirates,  breakdance, etc are installed in the park. The government invests a significant amount of money to improve the infrastructure of this park. As an extra bonus, you can enjoy the mind-blowing boat ride on the Hooghly river. Boating on the Hooghly river makes your millennium park visits more memorable. 

Food Court

There is a well-decorated food court inside the park. First food, ice cream,  Momo, and cold drinks are easily available here. There are almost eight stalls in this food court. Artistically designed wooden branches used as benches and tables in the surrounding food paradise. 

Location and how to reach 

Millennium Park is situated at B. B. D Bagh area in Kolkata,  near the 12,  strand Rd. You can easily reach here by public or private transport.  As public transport, you can choose a train, bus, or online app cab service.  The nearest railway station is the BBD Bagh railway station. 

Route map ( railway)  Sealdah ➡ B. B D Bagh station  ( via princep ghat or Majerhat local train)  ➡ Millennium park. 

You can also reach from Howrah railway station by using ferry service. 

Ticket price and Timing in Millennium park :

The entry fee of this park is 10 ₹ for the individual. You have to pay different charges for different types of child abuse ride. The fear may vary upon different rides. Approximately the fear varies from 80 – 100. 

For a boat ride on the holy river, you have to pay around 300-400 ₹ for the per ride.  The ride price depends on the boat. If you book a well-decorated medium or large size boat then you obviously pay more. 

This park opens every day in a week. On a general day, the authority opens the gate for visitors at 10:00 am and closes at 06:30 pm. Child amusement ride began at 02:00 pm every day. 

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