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Kachua Dham ,The birth place of Loknath Baba

Kachua Dham is a most popular Pilgrimage among the Hindu religions for the birth place of Lacknath Baba. Every year many visitors visit here from far away. Especially due to Lokenath Baba’s Birthday ceremony, a huge people crowded here.
loknath mondir in kachua
Mondir Campus

How to reachKachuaDham:

The Kachuavillage belongs under Barasat -2 Block, north 24 Parganas in West Bengal, India.KachuaDhamisjust almost 50 km away from Kolkata. You can easily reach this place through railway or highway.


It is the most preferable cheapest and comfortable way to travel in India. So, first of all, you should reach Sealdah station. you can get easily a local train for Hasnabad From Sealdah. in every hour one or two Hsnabad Local trains dispatched from Sealdah. Then your next destination should be Kankra Mirja Nagar station. After reaching Kankara Mirja Nagar, you can easily get machine van or auto, by which you easily reach your final destiny Kachua Dham in return of just 7-8 rupees.

High way:

The Alternative way to reachKachuaDhamis High way. The shortest and easiest way is described below.

First of all Take Surya Sen St to Acharya Prafulla Chandra Rd in Sealdah →Then take VIP Rd, Rajarhat Rd, Kharibari Rd and Kolkata – Basirhat Rd/Taki Rd to Mandir Road in Kachua→Turn right at Kachua Telephone Exchange onto Mandir Road

What makesKachua Unique:

The greatest monk in Hindu birthplace, Lokenath baba was born in this village named Kachua. At the ancient age, it was a smallvillage. But day by day with the Progress of the civilian, This village has grown up as a small town.

Devotees came here from far away to see Lokenath Baba’s birthplace. Every day at 12:00 am, the head priest of this ashram worshiped baba’s statue. Devotees can but worship things from the local shop. They provide you all the basic needs if you buy something from there shop.

Recently the Ashram Authority launched a prasad program for devotees. You can get this to buy a coupon worth 40 rupees in return they provide launch. They also provide parcel food if you want. You can also donate something for their charity.

Benimadhab's birthplace in Kachua
Benimadhab’s birthplace in Kachua

Another great Monk Benimadhab’s birthplace is also situated in this same area. Benimadhav was the childhood friend of Lokenath. Tourists also visit this historical place. Here tourists feel the purely natural atmosphere. The ancient Clay houses that Benimadhav was used, are still located in the same situation.

The local municipality authority builds a pleasant park as a memory of Lokenath and Benimadhav.

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