How to reach Sikkim from Bangalore

How to reach Sikkim from Bangalore

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Sikkim is a wonderful natural tourist spot in India. Every year many tourists visit here from all over the world. The Sikkim kingdom was found in the 17th century. If you planning for Sikkim and worried about How to reach Sikkim from Bangalore then this article surely for you. The main attraction of Sikkim is Temples and Boudhya Monastery. The natural beauty and subtropical charming climate attract tourists again and again. Sikkim is situated at the foot of the great Himalayan mountain.

Three Neabhour countries surrounded Sikkim by three different sides. Those neighbor countries are Bhutan Tibet and Nepal. Being surrounded by three different countries, Sikkim offers a glimpse of mixed culture and Multilingual. Besides this, one can enjoy various types of animals and birds in the nearest biodiversity forest of Sikkim. The red panda is a popular animal in this Himalayan region. Rhododendron is the signature tree of this region. In all, Sikkim is the perfect place for a holiday trip. Most popular Visithg spot in Sikkim Gangtok, Nathula pass, Tashi Viewpoint, etc.

Sikkim is the smallest state in India. There are four districts in this state. The official language of Sikkim is English, Nepali, and Sikkim. The average temperature of this region is 18 c. It’s a little variable due to different places.

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Sikkim is the second smallest state in Indian. Sikkim consists of 4 districts and 9 small beautiful Towns. It is situated on the Northeastern side of India. The capital of the Sikkim town in Gangtok.

How to reach Sikkim from Bangalore


There is no airport in Sikkim. But you can land the nearest airport in Sikkim. It’s also too easy to rich Sikkim town. The nearest airport to Sikkim is Bagdogra. It’s an international airport. There are two terminals at this airport. The flight cost is around 4200- 6600, it depends on when you book your flight ticket. Non -stop flight takes almost 2 hours to cover the distance from Bangalore. here we listed average flight time and cost from Bengaluru(BLR) to Bagdogra(IXB).

Flight providerTime approx price (depending on when you book )
AirAsia (India) 10:00 – 12:50
2 h 50 m
IndiGo 06:15 – 08:55
2 h 40 m
SpiceJet 05:55 – 08:45
2 h 50 m

The distance between the airport to Sikkim is about 120 km. From Bagdogra airport, one can easily borrow a cab or local Vahacale to reach the final destination. By road, it takes almost 4.5 hours. From the airport, you have to hide a cab. It takes about 200-300 rupees, but it depends on your negotiable skill.

You have to reserve a taxi to reach directly Sikkim. But if you want to share a taxi then, first of all, you have to reach Siliguri junction. Share Taxi available only from the Siliguri junction for Sikkim.

Helicopter service in Sikkim

There is an exciting helicopter service available from Bagdogra to Gangtok ( capital of Sikkim). This popular service is known as Pawas Hans. It’s the most luxurious way to reach Sikkim (Gangtok) from Bagdogra airport. It takes just 35 minutes. you have to contact STDC authority early to reserve a seat for you to get a smooth service. The maximum sit capacity of each Helicopter is five. Ticket price for helicopter 3500 INR per Head. there is just one round trip available in this service. GANGTOK to BAGDOGRA daily schedule time at 11:00 am and BAGDOGRA to GANGTOK schedule time is 02:30 pm. For more details about helicopter service check out this link.

helicopter landing
helicopter landing


The most preferable and cheapest way to reach Sikkim is by Railway. Indian railway connect every corner of India to each other.The railway service is the most preferable answer to the question How to reach Sikkim from Bangalore? Indian railways provide the cheapest and so luxurious travel experience. However, there is no railway in Sikkim itself. The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway Station (code name: NJP). There a lot of train express train available from Bangalore Cant to Siliguri Jn. The railway fair is between ₹1,050 – ₹1,150. It is the cheapest way to reach Sikkim. but the estimating time to reach Sikkim is 44h 45m.

From NJP you need to book a cab. The shared cab facility is available here. mainly Tata sumo and Bolaro are used to the public vehicles. From NJP it takes almost 4 hours to reach Sikkim.

You can also follow Bangalore to Nagpur and from Nagpur to Sikkim via Cab.


Well mentioned high way connect Sikkim to another metropolitan area in India. Well maintained road is a great opportunity for riders. Now let’s see How to reach Sikkim from Bangalore by the highway. The distance from Bangalore to Sikkim is approximately 2555b km. Those who love the long ride of advanture tore, for them, Sikkim is a perfect destiny. Otherwise, several bus services are available for this route. like Ac/ Non Ac bus, sleeper coaches bus, etc. Sikkim Nationalized Transport runes there bus service for Bangalore Sikkim route at a reasonable price. For more details, you may visit there official site. From the bus and you have to hair a cab to explore various parts of Sikkim.

Many solo riders or groups riders cover the Sikkim tour by bike. One can borrow a motorcycle from Sikkim. after landing on the airport, the borrowed motorcycle helps you to explore every single spot on Sikkim with your own freedom.

Best time to visit Sikkim:

The most preferable time to visit Sikkim is in Summer. The season summer exists in the month between March to June. Throughout those months, the atmosphere stayed clear. The horizontal mountain View is really so presentable and gorgeous. Sikkim is the most environment-conscious state. Some Specific areas of Sikkim are not allowed photography. It is a plastic less clean region of Himalaya. So don’t garbage here.

Famous things to buy from Sikkim

One should carry something from your visit. it will help you to memorize your tour . and it will add more value to your family and friends if you but something for them. so let’s see the popular thing in Sikkim.

  • Tibetan Carpets.
  • Sikkim Tea.
  • Prayer Flags
  • Thangkas

These are the significant thing in Sikkim. In Sikkim, you can borrow a traditional dress for photography. However, now talk about popular food in Sikkim that you must teste in the Sikkim tour. Gundurk and Sinki are two popular dishes that you must try.

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