How to reach Ooty from Kolkata by train

How to reach Ooty from Kolkata by train

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How to reach Ooty from Kolkata by train

Ooty is a wonderful honeymoon destination in south India.ooty is also known for its  hill station  with breathing views. Ooty”s natural beauty and pleasant climate attracts tourists almost all the time of the year . Every year lots of visitors visit Ooty from the city of joy. If you looking for a short holiday vacation or budget honeymoon trip then Ooty should be your first preference.Anyway, now if you are wondering about How to reach Ooty from Kolkata by train then here is the solution of yours problem.

The name of Ooty railway station is Udagamandalam railway station . But there is no direct train between Kolkata and ooty. However,  from Kolkata you can easily or directly reach Coimbatore railway station. Coimbatore is the nearest major railway station of Ooty. Now lets see how you reach Coimbatore from Kolkata easily.

There is a direct train from Kolkata Shalimar railway station to Coimbatore. But before your trip you have to reserve your train ticket. Here we lister full train details. 

Reserved train from Kolkata to Ooty

Train no Source station Departure time Destination station Arrival time Travel Time Available daysAvailable classes
02660SHALIMAR – SHM23:50Coimbatore jn. – CBE10:1734 hrs 27 minWednesday 2A, 3A, SL, 2S
02642SHALIMAR – SHM23:50Coimbatore jn. – CBE10:2734 hrs 37 minThursday And Sunday 2A, 3A, SL, 2S
Train Time Table

After reaching Coimbatore you can reach Ooty by car directly from there . Online cab services like Ola and Uber are easily available in Coimbatore. 

However,  there is an alternative way to reach ooty from Coimbatore. It is comparatively less expensive but it takes a lot of time. However,  it’s the most recommended way for budget travellers . If you want to follow this alternative way then you have to take the train for mettupalayam from Coimbatore. After landing in Coimbatore , you can easily rent a car from there and reach Ooty. By this method one person can easily reach Ooty by spending 1700-1900 INR. 

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