How to reach Ooty from Hyderabad by train

How to reach Ooty from Hyderabad by train

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How to reach Ooty from Hyderabad by train

Ooty is a beautiful hill station located at tamilnadu. Every year millions of visitors,  especially couples visit here. Ooty is known for honeymoon as well as holiday destination. If you belong from Hyderabad and are planning for Ooty, then this article is only for you. In this article we discuss about How to reach Ooty from Hyderabad by train .

As there is no big station in Ooty, you can’t reach there by direct train from Hyderabad. Although,  you can get direct trains for Coimbatore . Which is 86 kilometers away from ooty. So first off all let’s have a look on how you can reach Coimbatore easily from Hyderabad. Only three direct trains run from Howrah to Coimbatore , of which only one train goes every day of the week. 

Reach Coimbatore easily from Hyderabad

There are two main stations in Bangalore, from where trains depart for Coimbatore. The names of those statons are KACHEGUDA (KCG) Railway Station and SECUNDERABAD Junction (SC) .

Train no. Source station Destination Departure TimeTravel timeArrival time Available Day of Train 
07230Secunderabad Jn. Coimbatore 12:2019:3207:52All day in the week 
02777KachegudaCoimbatore06:0518:5200:57Tuesday and Friday 

(Skip this paragraph if you follow the direct trains) If you aren’t able to get thoses direct trains then you have to reach Coimbatore via another station . In other words,  you have to change the train once before Coimbatore. Here we provide a route map (station name) for the break journey. 

  • Kacheguda ➡ Renigunta jn. ➡Coimbatore 
  • Hyderabad ➡Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Central Railway Station➡ Coimbatore 
  • Hyderabad ➡ Vijayawada Junction Railway Station ➡ Coimbatore 
  • Kacheguda ➡ Bangalore cant.  ➡ Coimbatore 

From here we will discuss the second stage of the journey where we describe how to reach ooty from Coimbatore. Once you reach Coimbatore you will have to worry about going to Ooty. 

How to reach Ooty from Coimbatore

Coimbatore is situated almost 86 Kms away from Ooty . So the easiest and simplest way is,  book an Ola or Uber from Coimbatore. It will directly drop in your final decision, Ooty. It will be around 1000 INR. Within three hours and ten minutes you will reach Ooty comfortablely. 

There is also a second opinion from Coimbatore to ooty. For that,  you have to reach Mettupalayam. Where you can get a local taxi for Ooty. It is definitely cheaper than the other way. Although,  Udagamandalam is the nearest railway station in Ooty. But it’s very time consuming to reach Udagamandalam from Coimbatore. That’s why you should go for Mettupalayam. It will take around 55 minute by train to reach Mettupalayam from Coimbatore. The local taxi drivers are always waiting there to take you to Ooty . 

Frequently asked questions

How far is Ooty from Hyderabad ?

Ooty is situated 839 kilometers away from Hyderabad by road. But the flight distance is 692 kilometer between Ooty and Hyderabad. 

What is the nearest airport of Ooty ?

There is no airport in Ooty. The nearest airport port is Coimbatore International Airport . It is situated 87 kilometer away from Ooty. 

Is Ola available in ooty ?

No!  Ola is not available in Ooty. But you can get an available number of local taxes.  However,  old and uber both are available in Coimbatore  

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