How To Go Vellore From Kolkata

How To Go Vellore From Kolkata

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How to reach vellore from Kolkata

Vellore is one of the biggest medical hubs in India. People from all over India, even foreigners, come vellore to get the best medical treatment. Every year thousands of Bangladeshi crossed the border to get the best treatment in vellore. Vellore is well known for blood disorders and bone marrow transplantation. Christian medical college ( CMC)  provides the best heart treatment in the world . Besides this ,  people also get the best treatment for neuroscience , Gastroenterology and Haematology. 

Overall, Vellore is a beautiful city and also famous for ancient temples , forts and other tourist attractions.

By Train :

Train is the most cheapest transportation option in India .but it will be very time consuming . Normally It takes one day and four hour to reach Vellore. Katpadi junction is one of the major railway stations in Vellore . It is an “A” category railway station. There are a total of five platforms and nine tracks in Katpadi junction.

By Bus :

Roadway is most time consuming way to reach Vellore from Kolkata . So if you visit Vellore for medical purposes Roadway is not suggestable  anyway. 

However, roads are very well connected and well maintained. You can easily enter Vellore from anywhere in the country. Three major highways i.e. NH-16 , NH-4 and NH-234  connect Vellore with three different parts of India . Visitors from Bangalore and Chennai can easily access this place via NH-46. 

Overall , lash green mountains and smooth highways make your journey worthwhile. As well as , you can experience different cultures and various foods in different states on the way of your journey.

The distance between Kolkata to Vellore is 1726 kilometres. It will take almost one day and 10 hours by road . You will net get any direct bus from kolkata. Private or rental cars are the only way to reach Vellore from Kolkata by road. Otherwise, you have to change vehicles .


Airways is the shortest way to reach Vellore from Kolkata. The flight time is around 2 hours and 20 min . Nearest airport of Vellore is Tirupati Airport ,  and it is located around 100 kilometres away from the Vellore city.

On the other hand , Netaji subhas Chandra Bose international airport is the major airport in Kolkata. Every day plenty of flights take off from Kolkata for Tirupati Airport. After landing in Tirupati airport one can get various transportation options like Ola , local auto , Bus etc. 

One thing you should keep in your mind before flight time is that you must carry your covid test report ( RT PCR ) or your vacation proof if possible.

 People also ask

How can I get to Vellore by train?

Vellore is well connected to the rest of India through the railway network. Trains for Katpadi Junction depart from almost every major city in India (e.g. Mumbai Kolkata Kolkata Delhi Pune)

How can I go to CMC Vellore?

If you travel by train then you will get public transport or shared auto from Katpadi railway station. The distance from railway station to CMC is almost 5.9 km which takes almost 20 minutes. And the share is around 25 rupees.
Or if you visit Vellore by airways then  you can book an online cab or a local auto.The distance from airport to CMC is 9.5 km. It will take almost 17 minutes and the fare is 30 rupees per person. 

How far is Vellore from Chennai?

Vellore and Chennai both are situated in the state of Tamil Nadu India. By road the distance between Vellore and Chennai is 137 km and by flight the distance is around 125 km.

Why is CMC Vellore famous?

CMC is well known for best treatment and all kind of medical services. However, CMC is the expert on some particular department like Haematology , Gastroenterology and neuroscience. CMC leads the whole world in the field of rare blood disorder and bone marrow transplant. 

Is CMC Vellore free treatment?

The treatment in CMC is fully free of cost but in first time you have to pay a little bit for the registration fee

Is CMC Vellore a govt hospital?

CMC is a not a govt. Hospital, it’s a private hospital runs by world christian community. It was founded in 1900 by an amarican missionary . The purpose of this college was “world class medical services and education“.

If you have any queries related to Vellore then you can comment below . We are always here to assist you for best travel experience. 

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