How to go to Ooty

How to go to Ooty

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How to go to ooty

Ooty is a popular honeymoon destination in south india.  It is situated at an elevation of 2,240 m from the sea level. Weastern ghat mountain surrounded this place from the west side. During the British Empire,  they (British) made Ooty as a summer resort for its amazing natural diversity and comfortable weather. Ooty is the top most preferable holiday destination in india. Every year tons of visitors visit here. Ooty can be visited any time in the year. But the question is how to go to Ooty?  Don’t worry i am here to guide you for the best route from your place to ooty. So let’s grab a cup of coffee and find the best way. 

Reach Ooty by Road :

Tourists from any part of India can easily access ooty by road. This city is well connected to major cities near by road. Nearest major cities of ooty are kata giri,  coimbatore , Bangalore etc . National Highway 161 passes through the city of ooty , which makes it much easier to visit Ooty. If you are from Kolkata then you can follow NH16 to easily reach Ooty. Let’s have a look at the summary …

  • Kolkata to ooty via NH 16 . Total distance (2,062.0 km) . approximate time 40 hr .
  • Bangalore to ooty via Mysore Road .Total distance ((194.4 km) . approximate time 4 hr 5 min
  • Delhi to ooty via NH 44 .Total distance (2,399.8 km) . approximate time 39 hr .
  • Patna to ooty via NH 44 . Total distance (2,286.1 km) . approximate time 41 hr .

Reach Ooty by Train  :

Trains are the cheapest and easiest way to reach ooty. Railways is the most comfortable public transport in India. Udagamandalam is the nearest railway station in ooty. Udagamandalam is well connected to different parts of India by Railway. Railways are obviously time consuming but it’s the cheapest transportation system. Overall,  you can find a different approach for traveling by riding indian railways. Lots of trains arrive in Udagamandalam railway station on a daily and weekly basis from different districts and states in india. 

How to go Ooty from kolkata by Train

There is no direct train from Kolkata to ooty. However, if you belong from Kolkata then you can get a direct train from Howrah Junction railway station to chennai. The distance from Kolkata to Chennai by train is 1662 kilometers ,   Which takes almost one day and eight hours to cover..

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There are very limited direct or non-stop trains for Chennai from Howrah .MGR Chennai central mail special is one of the direct trains that runs for Chennai only.  The railway station in Chennai is called Puratchi Thalaivar Dr MG Ramachandran Central Railway Station . However, You can reach Chennai station from Howrah via another station . Here, we provide a short route map for via route. 

  • Howrah ➡ Balasore ➡ Chennai 
  • Howrah ➡Vijayawada junction railway station ➡Puratchi Thalaivar Dr.  M.G. Ramachandran central Railway Station ( chennai) 
  • Howrah ➡ katpadi junction ➡ Puratchi Thalaivar Dr.  M.G. Ramachandran central Railway Station ( chennai)

Once you reach Chennai, you can reach Ooty directly by train or car from Chennai.The distance from Chennai to Darjeeling is about 550 kilometers

How to reach Ooty from Delhi by Train

There are no direct trains for ooty from New Delhi. But you can reach coimbatore from delhi easily. There are three direct trains from Delhi to Coimbatore every week. Of which only one train runs every day of the week.  This train leaves New Delhi station every day at 20:10 which takes about 40 hours and 16 minutes to reach Coimbatore.

However , you can reach Coimbatore via another station.  

How to reach Ooty from Hyderabad by Train

Hyderabad is located 896.4 km away from Ooty. The name of the railway station in Hyderabad is Hyderabad Deccan railway station . Since there is not any infrastructure for express trains in Ooty, that’s why you can only reach Coimbatore directly. There is a direct train from Hyderabad to Ooty,  that runs every day in a week. The train number is 07230 . You can check status about this train from the office website of Indian Railways.  

This direct train leaves Hyderabad station at 12 midnight every day, and takes 19 hours 32 minutes to reach Coimbatore.

Reach Ooty by flight  :

 If you are looking for a short holiday vacation and excited about ooty then you should reach ooty by flight. It’s too time saving and the most luxurious way to reach ooty. There is no airport in Ooty . The nearest airport is in Coimbatore. Which is almost 90 kilometers away from ooty. However,  plenty of transportation options available from Coimbatore to ooty. It takes around 2 hours by cab or car. Lets see,  how can you easily visit Ooty from some popular cities in india. 

Kolkata to Coimbatore Flight

Economy class flight is mostly preferable for kolkata to Coimbatore flight. Direct or Non-stop flights take around 2 hrs 55 min . Business class and First class flight are normally not available on this route. The estimated cost of a flight from Kolkata to Coimbatore is INR 4579 per person. Indigo airlines operates plenty of flights on this route every day. 

How to go to ooty
Ooty from Kolkata

Delhi to Coimbatore Flight : 

Due to the large population of the country’s capital, many people travel from Delhi to ooty every year. Distance between Delhi to Coimbatore by flight is around 1960 kilometers. Indigo and Airindia both airlines operate available flights from delhi to coimbatore . Non-stop flights of indigo airlines take almost 2 hrs 55 mins to cover that distance. The flight cost for one way economy class is 4183 . First class flights are not available at all times on this route. However,  sometimes you can get a first class flight ticket. And the ticket price is 4705 for a single person. 

Patna to Coimbatore Flight price

Patna is situated in the northeast part of india. It’s the capital of Bihar. The international airport located in Patna is Joy Prakash Narayan International Airport . If you belong from Patna or Bihar and want to visit Ooty by flight then you have to come to Joy Prakash Narayan International Airport. 

Bangalore to Coimbatore Flight   

Bengaluru is one of the nearest cities of Ooty. There are lots of Non-stop flights available from Bangalore to Coimbatore. The airport in Bangalore  is Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. BLR is the code name of this airport. Indigo airlines and spicejet are two popular airlines in this route. They offer some best deals on flight booking. Flight distance from bangalore to coimbatore is 250 kilometers.The minimum time for a one-way flight on this route is 45 minutes.

Let’s take a look at how you can come to Ooty with some big cities in India.

SourceDestiny Estimated fare for Economy class Minimum flight TimeAirport with code namePopular airlines Flight type 
Kolkata Coimbatore INR 4019 – 5139 2 hrs 55 minNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose international airport – ccuIndiGo
Direct,  non-direct both available
DelhiCoimbatore INR 4030 – 7400 2 hrs 45 minIndira Gandhi International Airport – DELIndiGo
Direct,  non-direct both available
Patna Coimbatore INR 5,488 -11,0005 hrs 35 minJayprakash Narayan International Airport – PAT IndiGoOnly Non-direct flight available 
Bangalore Coimbatore INR 2500 – 330045 minKempegowda International Airport Bengaluru – BLRIndiGo
Direct,  non-direct both available

If you have any queries about Ooty then you can comment below or contact us. We are always here to make your trip better 😊

Most Asked Questions :

Which is the best month to visit Ooty?

Ooty can be visited at any time of the year due to its excellent geographical location and natural climate.However, judging by all the aspects, summer is the best time to visit Ooty. Summer is usually in Ooty from March to June

Is 2 days enough for Ooty?

If you properly plan your trip then 2 days and 2 nights are enough to explore Ooty properly. Overall,  the more you stay, the more you discover. 

How much will it cost for an Ooty trip?

It totally depends on your preferences. But Ooty is not too expensive in india.  Intermediate or middle class families easily afford this trip after planning properly . 

Is there snowfall in Ooty?

No, there is no snowfall in Darjeeling at any time of the year. But at some times of the year thick fog is seen over here. Overall  the average low-temperature of Ooty is 11°C .

Is Kodaikanal better than Ooty?

Ooty and Kodaikanal both are famous honeymoon destinations in south India. But,  But Ootyis a little higher than Kodaikanal and the range of travel in Ooty is large. However, Kodaikanal is better from the point of cost or budget.

Is there direct flight to Ooty?

In most of the cases,  direct flights are available from different cities.  But there are some cities where  direct flight does not come in Coimbatore. Like patna. 

Is there Uber in Ooty?

No,  there is no ola or uber available in Ooty. But you can find plenty of local taxes. So, it’s actually nothing to worry about . 

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