How to go to Ooty from Bangalore

How to go to Ooty from Bangalore

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Ooty is a very popular hillstion in Tamilnadu. It’s mainly known for couples paradise. Every year millions of visitors come here from various places in India. Even foreigners also come here. If you belong from Bangalore and are planning for ooty then this article is especially written for you.  Here we describe every shortest and cheapest way about How to reach Ooty from Bangalore. 

Reach Ooty by Road from Bangalore :

There are three road options to reach Ooty from Bangalore. But here we describe the shortest route among them. In this route option you will reach ooty via NH 181. The total road distance is almost 297 kilometers.  And it takes around three hours to cover. 

Bengaluru ➡ Ramanagara ➡ Channapatna ➡ Maddur ➡ Bharathi Nagara ➡ Malavalli ➡ Belakavadi ➡ Kollegal ➡ Arabigere 85 ➡ Talamalia RF ➡ Mettupalayam ➡ Coonoor ➡ Ooty

How to reach Ooty from Bangalore
Route map for Ooty from Bangalore

Reach Ooty by Train from Bangalore :

Train is the cheapest way to travel in india. But you can’t reach ooty directly from Bangalore. Because there is no long distance train connection facility in Ooty. However , you can reach Coimbatore directly from Bangalore. Thereafter,  you have to change trains to reach Ooty. First of all,  let’s see the available train options for Coimbatore from Bangalore. 

Train NumberSource station with CodeDeparture TimeDestination Arrival time Travel TimeSchedule Available Day Available class
02677BENGALURU CANT – BNC06:24COIMBATORE JN – CBE13:0206:38Every DayCC,  2S
06153KSR BENGALURU – SBC14:15COIMBATORE JN – CBE21:0006:45Every day except Wednesday CC, 2S
06315BENGALURU CANT – BNC17:02COIMBATORE JN – CBE00:0707:05Every DaySL, 2S
06130BANASWADI – BAND19:00PODANUR JN – PIJ01:4406:44Tuesday and Thursday 2A, 3A, SL, 2S
06537YESVANTPUR JN – YPR20:00COIMBATORE JN – CBE03:2707:27Every Day2A, 3A, SL, 2S
06526BENGALURU CANT – BNC20:22COIMBATORE JN – CBE02:5706:35Every Day1A, 2A, 3A, SL, 2S
01013BENGALURU CANT – BNC21:37COIMBATORE JN – CBE06:5009:13Every Day1A, 2A, 3A, SL, 2S
06078YELHANKA JN – YNK21:45COIMBATORE JN – CBE06:3008:45Thursday 2A, 3A, SL, 2S
06613YELHANKA JN – YNK12:56COIMBATORE JN – CBE21:3008:34Monday 2A, 3A, SL, 2S
06320BANASWADI – BAND19:00COIMBATORE JN – CBE01:0206:02Friday and Sunday 3A
06162BANASWADI – BAND19:00PODANUR JN – PIJ01:4406:44Monday2A, 3A, SL, 2S

How to reach Ooty from Coimbatore

After arriving in Coimbatore, you can book a car directly to reach Ooty. The distance between Coimbatore to Ooty is almost 86 kilometers. If you book an ola from Coimbatore then it will charge around 1200-1600. In this budget you can get sedan or hatchback car options for people upto four. The estimated time is 2 hour 25 min for Coimbatore to Ooty. 

However,  if you are a budget conscious traveler then you can reach ooty by train via another station. It’s obviously much more time consuming but in this way you may save some extra. For that you have to take a train to Mettupalayam. From there you have to change trains again for Udagamandalam Rail station,  which is known as Ooty station. There is only one train in a day for Ooty from Mettupalayam. Which arrived at 09:10 AM in Mettupalayam. The train’s name is Udhagamandalam Nilgiri Special. It takes 5 hr 16 m to reach Ooty. Ooty is almost 50 kilometer away from Mettupalayam. 

You may also reach Ooty from Mettupalayam via Local taxi. By Taxi, it takes upto  2 hours to reach Ooty. 

Reach Ooty from Bangalore by flight :

 If you are looking for a very short holiday trip and don’t want to waste time by road or train. Then you should obviously take flight to reach Ooty. It is also the easiest and comfortable way to reach Ooty. Overall,  every year many couples take off from Bangalore for Ooty. The airport in Bangalore in Kempegowda International airport . The code name of this airport is ” BLR”.

However , there is no airport in Ooty. The nearest flight landing station is Coimbatore international Airport. Which is almost 86 kilometers away from Ooty. Now let’s have a look at scheduled flights from Bangalore to Coimbatore. 

Source Airport Flight Departure TimeTravel TimeDestination Airport With code Arrival Time Airlines Name 
Kempegowda International Airport BengaluruBLR05:251 hr 15 minCoimbatore International Airport – CJB06:40IndiGo
Kempegowda International Airport BengaluruBLR09:3545 minCoimbatore International Airport – CJB10:20Spice jet
Kempegowda International Airport BengaluruBLR14:401 hr 10 minCoimbatore International Airport – CJB15:50IndiGo
Kempegowda International Airport BengaluruBLR19:401 hr 5 minCoimbatore International Airport – CJB20:45IndiGo

After landing in the airport you can easily reach ooty by booking a local taxi.

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