How to go Princep Ghat by Metro

How to go Princep Ghat by Metro

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There is no metro station in the surrounding 2 kilometers from Princep Ghat. The easiest way to reach Princep Ghat is by train. You can easily get a train to Princep Ghat from Barasat Or dumdum. But the duration between two trains is around one hour. And a very limited number of trains run for this route. 

So for an alternative option, you can reach Princep Ghat via metro. The nearest metro station Is Esplanade which is around 2.8 kilometers from Princep Ghat. After reaching Esplanade metro you can hire an online cab or take a local bus that will drop you at your destination. Otherwise, if you visit Princep Ghat with your beloved one then you can cover this distance by walking. Definitely  walking together in the city of joy will be a memorable day for both of you

The Metro fare is 15 INR from dumdum to Esplaned . and The bus fare is around 10 INR from Esplanade to Princep Ghat

People also ask :

Which metro station is near Princep Ghat?

There is no Metro station Within 2 kilometers radius of Princep Ghat. However, the nearest metro station is the Esplanade metro station

How do I get from Princep Ghat to Howrah station?

First of all, you have to come to sealdah. For that, you have to take a bus. There are lots of buses running for Sealdah Station from Howrah. After reaching Sealdah you can easily reach Princep ghat Via DumDum. For more detail read the above article.

Is Princep Ghat and Babughat the same?

No. Princep ghat and Babu ghat are, are not the same place. Princep Ghat is more decorated and beautiful than Babughat. For couples, Princep ghat is the best destination.

What is the best time to visit Princep Ghat?

The best time to visit Princep ghat is in the Evening. Chilled wind from the Ganges and laminated Second Hooghly Bridge makes this place best for couples.

Is Princep Ghat good for couples?

Princep Ghat is one of the best Couple destinations in kolkata. There you can spend your moment at the bank of the Ganges river. If you want then you can take a boat ride of gages to make your day more memorable.

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