How to go Manali from Delhi

How to go Manali from Delhi

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How to go Manali from Delhi

Manali is very important destination in north india . If you planning for Manali , and worried about How to go Manali from Delhi then follow this article.

Airways :

The fastest and luxurious way to reach Manali from Delhi is airways. Kullu manali airport is the nearest airport in manali.  It is a domestic airport.  Airport authority of india operates this airport. 

Railway :

the nearest railway station in delhi is New delhi railway station. Other ways one can go for Hazrat Nizamuddin Delhi railway station. And the nearest railway station in Manali is Jogindernagar Railway Station. But there is not any direct route from delhi to manali. You may have to change trains two or three times to reach manali. Here we covered some popular railway options for manali. 

  1. New delhi (Train) ➡ subzi Mandi ➡ Roshanara bagh 
  2. New Delhi Railway Station ➡ Sahibzada Ajit Singh nagar ➡ Mohali station  ➡ sector 51/52 ➡ sector 52 ➡ take private bus ➡ Manali 

How to go Manali from Delhi by Roadway :

Roadway is the most adventurous way to reach Manali. The best route that you can follow from delhi is described below. 

Delhi ➡ dr.  Ns Hardikar Rd. ➡ Nh44 ➡ NH 205 ➡ Mandi Bajaura Road ➡ Victoria Bridge ➡ Manali. 

Frequently asked questions 

  •  What is the best way to go to Mahali from Delhi? 

Obviously , Highway is the most preferable and best way to reach manali. However,  for short time planners as well as luxury seekers,  airways is the best option . But, the cheapest way to reach Manali is the Railway. 

  • How can i reach Manali by train?

Indian railway connected every corner of india very well. It’s also the cheapest way to travel in india.  You can easily access Manali from anywhere in this country(india) by railways. If you belongs from delhi then you can follow upper described route to reach Manali.

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