How to go Banaras from Kolkata

How to go Banaras from Kolkata

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Baranasi or Varanasi is the spiritual capital of india. It is located at the bank of Ganges river. People of hindu religion come here from all over India to take a holy bath and perform the funeral rites of their relatives. As per legends,  the Ganges ghat in Varanasi is the holiest place for the funeral program of hindus.It is also believed that the Ganges washes away all sins from the soul after death. Overall , Baranasi is a great pilgrimage field in india. Lots of popular hindu temples are located in this beautiful city. So,  if you are preparing for Banaras then let’s have a look on how to reach Banaras. 

Varanasi City : Varanasi 
State : Uttar pradesh 
Country  : India 
Nearest Airport  : Lal Bahadur Shastri International
Nearest Railway  : Banaras railway station
Best time to visit  : November to February 
Known for : Spiritual destination  

By Train : 

Railway is the cheapest and quiet luxurious way to reach Baranasi from Kolkata. 

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Train No. Source station Source station code Departure time Arrival Time Destination station with code Travel TimeAvailability Type of Classes
03005HowrahHWH19:1509:15VARANASI JN
14:00Everyday in Week1A 2A  3A  SL  2S
02333HowrahHWH20:0009:30VARANASI JN
13:30Everyday in Week2A  3A  SL  2S
03009HowrahHWH20:2510:20VARANASI JN
13:55Everyday in Week2A  3A  SL  2S
02325Kolkata KOAA07:4020:30VARANASI JN
12:50Thursday 1A 2A  3A  SL  2S
02371HowrahHWH08:1519:00VARANASI JN
10:45Monday2A  3A  SL  2S
02353HowrahHWH08:1519:00VARANASI JN
10:45Friday2A  3A  SL  2S
03151KolkataKOAA11:4502:40VARANASI JN
14:55MondayTuesday Thursday Saturday 2A  3A  SL  2S
02357KolkataKOAA12:1022:06VARANASI JN
09:56Tuesday Saturday 2A  3A  SL  2S
03167KolkataKOAA12:1022:50VARANASI JN
10:40Thursday 2A  3A  SL  2S
02327HowrahHWH13:0001:40VARANASI JN
12:40Tuesday Friday 1A 2A  3A  SL  2S
05021ShalimarSHM20:2011:30VARANASI JN
15:10Tuesday 1A 2A  3A  SL  2S
03125Kolkata KOAA22:4510:05VARANASI JN
11:20Thursday 2A  3A  SL  2S
02331HowrahHWH23:5514:37VARANASI JN
14:42Tuesday Friday Saturday 1A 2A  3A  SL  2S
02317Kolkata KOAA07:4020:30VARANASI JN
12:50Wednesday Sunday1A  2A  3A  SL  2S 
02381HowrahHWH08:1508:45VARANASI JN
10:30Wednesday Thursday Sunday1A  2A  3A  SL  2S 
03005HowrahHWH13:0001:40VARANASI JN
12:40Monday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday1A  2A  3A  SL  2S 

By Road :

Baranasi is well connected by roads with other mega cities in India. Well maintained highways make it very easy to access varanasi.  Overall,  you will experience unforgettable memories during your road trip. By road the distance between Kolkata to Baranasi is 675 kilometers. It takes around 14 hours and 35 minutes to cover this distance by driving or riding. 

By Airways :

Flight is the easiest as well as most expensive way to reach Baranasi from kolkata. Netaji subhas chandra bose international airport is the only airport in kolkata. On the other hand Lal Bahadur Shastri international airport is the nearest airport in Varanasi . The code name of this airport is VNS . Generally,  a nonstop flight between those airports takes around one hour and 30 minutes. Lots of domestic flights take off from Kolkata for Banaras everyday . Some popular cheapest airlines on this route are Indigo,  Go first,  Vistara,  Air India etc. 

how to go banaras from kolkata
how to go banaras from kolkata

However,  you can also get multiple city-stops from Kolkata. 

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