Hazarduari tour

Hazarduari tour

Hazarduari tour ,Murshidabad

one of my most memorable tour in life is “Hazarduari Tour”. Hazarduari Palace is situated in Murshidabad District at the West Bengal State of India. The Murshidabad Dristric is expanded in 5300km². The Hoogly river is flowing beside the Murshidabad town. The last freedom Emperor of Bengal, Nabab Siraj Ud-Daulah belonged from Murshidabad. There are thousands of a story exist on the page of History about Murshidabad. In this article, I am going to shear my experience to visit Murshidabad , Hazarduari Tour.
on the way of Murshidabad

How To Reach Murshidabad:


The cheapest way to visit Murshidabad is to reach with the train. The express train mainly departs from Howrah Station. You can reach Howrah station from Sealdah Through Bus. It takes 7 rupees to reach Howrah Station.
From Howrah station, many Express trains depart for Murshidabad like Hazarduari Express, Bhagirathi Express, Lalgola Express etc. You may pay about150 rupees for that train service. It takes 3hours and 20 minutes to reach Murshidabad
After reaching Murshidabad station, you may borrow a car or book a bus to reach your final destiny, Hazarduari. Horse carriages are available in the station yard to reach you to your destiny


if you want to reach Murshidabad through road then you take the Roycruise from
Kolkata to Panaghar and then  Panaghar to Murshidabad. The total distance from Kolkata to Murshidabad is about 230 km

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My plan about Murshidabad Tour:

we have a plan to stay two days and a night in Murshidabad. we booked a youth hostel for our stay. we visit Murshidabad as a school excursion. For that, we booked a youth hostel.
we reached Murshidabad station at 6.00 o’clock in the morning. To reach the youth hostel it takes 45 minutes from Murshidabad station. After reaching the Youth hostel we get fresh by taking bath or rest.
At about 09:00 o’clock we started our tour. We planner that we visit Hazarduari And nearest place to Hazarduari on the first day and second day we visit Matijhil.and then return home that night

Best visiting places in Hazarduari Tour:


The palace of a thousand doors is known as Hazarduari. It is built in the Nineteenth century. The palace is mainly used for an official meeting in the ancient age.

2.Madina Masjid:

The Madina Masjid is a mosque situated beside the HazarduariCampus. Nabab Siraj-Ud Dulla built the first (old) mosque in the 18th century and then Nabab Mansur Ali Khan Build another(new) mosque Near the old Mosque. About 700 Quran Readers easily Read Quran In this mosque.

3.Nizamat Imambara:

Nizamat Imambara was made my Nabab Mansur Ali in 1847. Nizamat Imambara was build up With the help of Islamic Architecture. It is situated on the North side of the Hazarduari Palace , in Hazarduari Tour

4.Nashipur place ( Rajbari):

Nasipur Rajbari or Rajbati is situated in Nasipur village for use of Royal family. This place is very beautiful visiting for tourist.

5.Siraj Garden:

It is a beautiful Garden In Murshidabad. This the favorite garden Of Siraj. Siraj Garden is Situated beside the Bhagirathi River. Siraj rests in peace in this garden. Many other members of the Nawab family, lay in this garden.

6.Kathgola Bagan Bari:

Kathgola Bagan Bari is situated In Kalgola village. It is made for the relaxation of the Nawab Family. This house is four stored. Now it is a visiting place near tourist.

7.Oasis Park:


Malijhil is a lake in the south side of Murshidabad District. It was created in 1740 by Nawaz Muhammad Khan. This place was decorated in Various kind of flowers an trees. This lake was used by Ghaseti Begam. This lake is round in shape and Kala Mosque is situated in the center of the Lake

9.Clock tower:

The clock tower is situated in Nizamat Fort campur.in that tinme it used for right time .a heavy bell in hang on the top of the tower

What makes The Murshidabad Unique in Hazarduari Tour:

Thousand historical incidents are delicately linked to the Murshidabad. The last independent Nawab in Bengal was Sirajud Dulla.In that ancient age(Mughal Period), Murshidabad was the capital of Bengal. The Mughal emperor Nabab Nazim Humayun Jah Was Build up The palace of thousand doors which is popular as Hazarduari with the help of a Bengali engineer. Besides these, the architectures, which are mead in the nineteen century are residing all over the Murshidabad. Many Mughal emperors are still lying in the ground of Murshidabad. These are the visiting place now at a time. For that Murshidabad is a unique place.

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