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Ganesh Tok is one of the most beautiful Hindu temples. Ganesh Temple is also known as Ganesh Tok. It is situated 6 kilometers away from Gangtok, the heart of Sikkim. Sikkim is one of the most beautiful and pollution-free travel destiny in India. Ganesh Tok offers a sturring mind-blowing view of the nearest visiting places. Adventure lovers often come here for an exciting adventure. This temple is dedicated to Hindu God Ganesh. The temple is so small that only one person can enter it once. Colorful traditional flag tide accross the temple stair. High mountain peaks surround the temple. The view of all these mountains from Ganesh Temple is so stunning.

No entry fees required for this temple. Footwear not allowed inside the temple so be aware before entering the temple.

Significance of Ganesh Tok

Ganesh Tok is a Hindu temple. This temple has great religious significance. The temple is mainly famous for its sanctity and silence. It is believed that here Lord Ganesha fulfills the desires of all his devotees. Besides this, it is most popular for sightseeing and picnic spots. The circular balcony provides a magnificent birds-eye view of Gangtok town. Another popular visiting spot of Sikkim, Tashi viewpoint, and Hanuman Tok are also located adjacent to Ganesh Tok. From the balcony of Ganesh Temple, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Kangchenjunga. In the early morning, huge tourist gathers here to enjoy the authentic sun rining view from Mt. Kangchenjunga. Kangchenjunga is the third-highest mountain in the world.

From the top floor of Ganesh Tok, one can see the most popular television tower in Sikkim. The attached circular balcony of the temple gives you a wonderful landscape viewing experience. From where tourists can feel a different intimate relationship with nature. There is a small zoo opposite of the Ganesh Tok.

Tower view in Ganesh Tok

There are lots of food shops and gift shops adjoining the temple. It’s a great place to complete breakfast with the great sun rising view. A popular food in this region is tea, coffee, veg momo, cold drinks, etc. You can also buy some cultural crafts from the gift shop.

Best time to visit Ganesh Temple :

Ganesh Tok and its adjoining area are surrounded by dense fog most of the year. But between June to September the weather and atmosphere were too clear and charming. So if you have to go for Gangtok then make sure you make this plan in the summer season.Throughout all summer one can enjoy the surrounding mountain view very pleasantly. From 4:30 am – 5:30 pm you can experience a clear view of the surrounding place of Ganesh Tok.

Location and how to reach Ganesh Temple

Ganesh Temple is situated at Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, India. Actually, you have to ride more than 11 km from the center of Gangtok, Sikkim.

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From the Sikkim, you can hire a local vehicle(taxi) to reach. otherwise, bike riders can reach here by there own vehicle. But, first of all, you have to reach Sikkim.The altitude of this temple is 7200 feet from the sea level.

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