Festivals of Rajasthan

Festivals of Rajasthan

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Festivals of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is all about rich culture,  heritage and royal palaces. You can explore the royal place at any time of year. But if you want to taste the rich culture of Rajasthan then you should plan your trip during the festival. Festivals of Rajasthan celebrate with great pomp and devotionally. There are lots of festivals that have occurred in Rajasthan over the years. Here we listed 11 best  colourful festivals of Rajasthan that you should not miss

Pushkar Camel Fair : 

Festivals of Rajasthan : 
Pushkar Camel Fair
Pushkar Camel Fair

The pushkar camel fair is also popular as pushkar fair or kartik Mela. This cultural festival is held in Pushkar town of Rajasthan. According to Hindu calendar,  camel fair begins from the month of Kartik and ends on Kartik purnima. On an average,  late October to early November is the time when this fair occurs. The duration of this festival is around five days. Pushkar fair is the largest camel and horse fair in the country. local people trade their camel,  cattel,  handicrafts and many more in this fair. To get more attention,  Fair organizers organize some popular competitions during the fair.  Participants from all over India came to join the competition. Mejor niches of the competition are longest moustache competition,  bridal competition etc. 

Rajasthan International folk festival in Jodhpur :

 Rajasthan international folk festival is also known as Jodhpur folk festival or jodhpur RIFF . This festival is organized to promote local art,  culture and folk music in front the world. Folk festival takes place in the Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur,  Rajasthan.

This festival is being held on Sharad Purnima (kojagiri Purnima ) which arrives in the month between September to october. Jodhpur folk festival is supported by UNESCO.  As well as,  UNESCO addressed this festival as the ” people’s platform for creativity and sustainable Department” . In the year 2013 , this festival got the honor of one the best 25 international festivals. Musicians and artists from all over the world come here to join the festival. Fair authority offers them an open stage to ventilate their creativity. More than 280 artists come every year from different parts of the world. 

Desert Festival in Jaisalmer  : 

Jaisalmer desert festival is the ancient cultural event in Rajasthan. Desert festival is celebrated for showing the respect of Thar Desert. Jaisalmer desert festival is held in the month of February every year. Exciting activities like camel race,  turban tying competition are held during the festival. This festival is celebrated through three days. There is a significant story behind the Jaisalmer desert festival.

According to legends,  the king of the Yadava dynasty , lord krishna , told Arjuna that his successor will establish a kingdom in Trikuta Hills. Sri Krishna’s prophecy proves true,  when king Rawal established his empire in Jaisalmer in 1196. Knowing that Krishna’s words have been proved true the people organized the ceremony. The festival of jaisalmer (dessert festival)  has been celebrated every year since this incident. 

Braj holi in Bhagatpur  :

Holi is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm. It is the festival of colour and joy. Holi in Bharatpur district,  Rajasthan adds some extra stimulation among people. Actually,  before the holi festival a pre holi event named Braj Holi is celebrated in Bharatpur. 

The whole colourful festival symbolized the ideal love story of lord Krishna and Radha rani. Local people join this festival with deep devotion and oomph . People from abort aslo come here to din into the colour. They perform various cultural events and folk songs wearing traditional colorful rajasthani dress. One of the major attractions of Bharatpur is the Raslila dance,  performed by locals. Throughout those events people splash colour and coloured wait to each other. After playing with colors,  people take a holy bath in the Banganga river to remove all sins and sorrows from their life. 

Teej Festival in Jaipur : 

Teej festival is one of the most colourful festivals in Rajasthan. This festival is being held in the capital of Rajasthan,  jaipur. Teej festival is also known as Kajari Teej or Hartalika Teej. The Teej festival is observed for two days. Generally,  in the month of mid mid August this festival is celebrated. Local men and women both participate in this festival. Through this colorful festival people welcome the monsoon season. As well as this festival is dedicated to God shiva and Goddesses parvati. In other words , the Teej festival symbolized the re -union of Shiva and Parvati. During the festival,  womens and young girls take out a procession carrying Pitcher and coconut over the head. Another group of womens chants religious prayers in front of the procession. After the sunset,   The entire city of Jaipur get covered with  colorful light

Summer and winter festival in mount Abu :

Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan.  The average temperature of Mount Abu is quite pleasant compared to other places in Rajasthan. Summer and winter festivals in Mount Abu are really beautiful events that you should not miss. Generally winter festivals are held in the last week of December. This festival runs over three days.  Thousands of earthen lamps are floated in the river on the eve of the festival

The Gangaur Festival in Jaipur  :

Gangaur festival is another one popular annual event in Jaipur. Gangaur word comes from two different words ” Gana ” and ” Gaur ” . Gana is the synonym of lord shiva and the word “Gaur ” represents Goddess parvati. Unmarried girls worship the idols with deep devotion,  so that they get a good husband (life partner ) for the future. The married woman prayed for good health and a long life. Gangaur festival is being held on the first day of Chaitra every year. The fair lasts 12 long days

Udaipur Mewar Festival  : 

Udaipur mewar festival is the second largest world heritage festival in india. With the arrival of spring(in April month), the udaipur mewar festival begins. During the mewar empire udaipur was the capital of Mewar rulers. Udaipur mewar festival reflects the rich culture of Mewar.  Young girls and womens dress up with traditional embroidered dresses and heavy ornaments. Before the festival womens and girls draw various designs on their palm and feet by organic colour or Mehendi.

Udaipur Mewar festival is dedicated to the lord shiva and goddesses parvati. The idol of god and goddesses beautifully decorated and taken out for procession . Women carried those ideals and by walking the reach different parts of udaipur town.. A separate group of devotees chant religious songs and play some traditional music instruments in front of the position. Theirafter , as the final destination they reach on the bank of lake pichola. Through a boat devotees immerse the idol in the middle of the lake. 

Elephant festival in jaipur :

Jaipur is not all about pink color,  camel or desert. Jaipur also offers different tastes like elephant festivals. Elephant festival is one of the oldest popular festivals in jaipur. This festival is being held on the evening of holi. Professional drawing artists come from different parts of India and paint elephants. Custom made royal attire is used to cover the body of elephants. Elephant festival signifies the colour of nature and represents the royalty of Rajputs. To attract this festival, various events are organized . Elephants tug of war,  elephant polo,  elephant race are the notable events of this festival  .

Adventure festival in kota 

From the name of the festival, one can easily understand that the festival is for adventure activities. Those who love outdoor tracking,  thrilling adventures they can join this fair. Various adventure thrilling activities are the main features of Adventure festival in kota. Some of the best activities are rock climbing,  parasailing,  water skiing,  gliding etc. This festival is being held in the month of October during Dussehra festival.

Tourists from all over India come to join the festival. The main purpose of this festival is to boost the local travel industry  . However, another popular reason for making the festival popular is that on the last day of Durga Puja, a huge effigy of Ravana is burnt along with a spectacular fireworks display.

Kite flying Festival in Jaipur   :

Kite flying Festival is a traditional Indian festival  . This festival is celebrated on the day of Makar sankranti ,which corresponds with the month of January . It is believed that the journey northward of the sun begins from that day. Makar sankranti is also known as Poush Sankranti in different parts of india. The kite flying Festival begins with a holy dip into Galtaji in the morning. Thereafter,  they pray to the sun for good health and wealth. As the day progressed,  the blue sky of Jaipur was filled with innumerable kites of different colors. Different sizes of kites can be noticeable in the sky. People from far and wide come to fly kites . Some kites are 6-7 feet long and some are too small. 

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