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Cheap Country to Visit From India

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Cheap Country to Visit From India

Travelling is like an addiction. It’s a way of living,  Refreshing and knowledge gathering. Those who are already addicted to it know it. 

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine

Anyway,  more or less everyone loves to travel. There is a misconception about traveling that ” Travelling is very expensive, it takes lots of money “. But in the twentieth century it’s pretty much easy to travel with minimum cost. Here we discuss the 20 cheapest countries that you can visit from India. So let’s grab a cup of tea and start the countdown. 

Cheap country to visit from India 

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1.Thailand : The Land of Smiles 😊

Thailand is a southeast Asian country. The capital of this country is Bangkok. Thailand is very much popular among travelers from india. It’s known for night lights,  tropical beaches,  luxurious hotels and Buddha temples. Around 40 million tourists visit here every year . Due to covid pandemic this number falls very significantly. However,  after this crisis tourists showed their interest in Thailand. No doubt,  Thailand is known for adult travel destinations but some parts of Thailand are really very good for family trips. 

Sights That you shouldn’t miss in Thailand 

  • Pattaya for nightlife 
  • The Grand place 
  • Wat phra chetuphon
  • Ko lipe 
  • Jadwal weekend Market 
  • Chaing Rai for mountain tracking 

Food that must try in Thailand

  • Ema Datshi – Marion dish of this country 
  • Jasha Maroo – spicy chicken 
  • Phaksha paa – pork with lemon juice and cheese 
  • Momos 
  • Red rice 


The currency in Bhutan is That baht . 

1 INR = 0.44 Thai baht 

1 USD = 33.43 

2. Sri Lanka : The Pearl of Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is the southeast neighboring country of India. The capital of this beautiful country is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. Total area of this country is around 65610 km2 which is almost three times smaller than the Indian state , Karnataka. Sri Lanka is mostly known for incredible natural scenes , tea gardens,  tropical climate and traditional foods. Apart from tourism, Sri Lanka is also famous for its Cinnamon harvesting. One very popular fact about Sri Lanka is,  it is the first country in the world where a female was elected as the Prime Minister. Overall,  Sri Lanka is fully stuffed with its rich culture and incredible beauty. 

 “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right” – Tony Robbins

Places to visit in Sri Lanka

  • Sigiriya
  • Yala national park 
  • Vdawalawe national park 
  • Sri pada peak 
  • Wilpattu National park
  • Dutch Colonial sites 

The currency of Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan Rupees

1 INR = 2.70 LKR 

3. Bhutan : The land of the Thunder 🐉 Dragon 

Bhutan is the northern neighbor of India.  It’s the hometown of Buddhist culture and kingdom. The eastern part of the Himalayas lies in Bhutan.  Things that attract tourists in Bhutan are Monasteries,  breathtaking landscapes and mountains and valleys. Despite being one of India’s closest neighbors, the way of life of the people of Bhutan is different. They are very friendly and helpful.  Locals are very kind hearted and always ready to welcome outsiders. 

Places to visit 

  • Paro Taktsang : Cliffside monastery 
  • Punakha Dzong : A 17th century riverside palace 
  • Buddha Dordenma : one of the largest Buddha’s Statues in Mountain top. 
  • Chimi Lhakhang : Buddhist Monastery of 14th century 
  • Dochula Pass : Mountain and Valleys 

Things to experience in Bhutan

  • Thousand lakes trek
  • Druk path hike
  • Bird watching 
  • White water rafting on pho chhu river
  • Buddhist monastery hike
  • Traditional rice wind and ema datshi


The currency of Bhutan is Bhutanese ngultrum . However,  indian rupees is acceptable in Bhutan 

4. Nepal : The land of Mountains 

  Nepal is the country of Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world. It is situated in the south part of Asia and is a neighbor of India. Nepal is the paradise of Mountain trackers and climbers almost two third tourists come to Nepal for tracking. The capital of this city is Kathmandu Lumbini the birthplace of Gautam Buddha is situated in Nepal . Beside this , other major religions like Hindu, Jain Islam, Kirat and Christian live here together and are very friendly.

Top 5 places to explore in Nepal

  • Everest base camp for climbing and adventure
  • Boudha Stupa 
  • Swayambhunath Stupa 
  • Pasupatinath Temple : Historical Hindu 
  • Chitwan National park : Famous for Rainos and Royal Bengal tiger Riserver 
  • Phewa Lake : picturesque lake with mountain view 
  • Sagarmatha National park Exploring 

Best activities to do in Nepal

  • Paragliding in Kathmandu Valley
  • Sightseeing of UNESCO heritage site in KaSightseeing
  • Experience Tibetan Culture 
  • Bungee jumping at Hemja,  Pokhara 
  • River Rafting in Upper Seti River 
  • Cable car ride in Chandragiri 

The Currency of Nepal is Nepalese Rupees 

1 INR = 1.61 Nepalese Rupee

1 USD = 120.82 Nepalese Rupee

5. Vietnam : The Land of Ascending Dragon 

Vietnam is a southeast Asian country known for quintessential natural landscapes. It is known as the ” Nation of River ” .Vietnam is situated at the bank of south China sea with a 3260 kilometers long coastline. Vietnam is the paradise for history enthusiasts. It seems like that Every country in Vietnam tries to tell their own history. The French came and ruled for almost 100 year and at least in 1954 Vietnam Vietnam got rid of the French by communist force led by HoChiMin . Along with this, Vietnam is popular for traditional food,  incredible caves, beaches and buzzing cities. In spite of being an underdeveloped country, Vietnam is the world’s leading exporter of cashew nuts and black paper. 

Places to visit in Vietnam 

  • Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam 
  • Ho Chi Minh city
  • Sapa – rice fields countryside
  • Cat Ba island 
  • Halong Bay – For world’s most spellbinding sea view
  • Floating Market on Tien River

Activities to do in Vietnam 

  • Kayaking in Saigon River
  • Cruise at halong bay or Mekong Delta
  • Hike in cat Ba island 
  • Snorkeling in chain island 
  • Shop in ho chi minh night market 

Foods that must have to try in Vietnam 

  • Rice noodle soup
  • Rice crepes
  • Beef noodles 
  • Snake wine

6. Laos : The land of million Elephants 

Loud is known for its natural scenery ethnic place and explored lands . World’s tallest treehouse , oldest human fossil,  and Asia’s most spectacular waterfalls belong to this country. Laos is officially registered as Laos People’s Democratic Republic ( LPDR).  Laos is one of the economically weak nations in Southeast Asia , but there’s no doubt that Laos will give you a unique experience unlike other Asian countries. 

Places to visit in Laos 

  • Luang Prabang – old laos capital 
  • Vientiane – pha that luang temple 
  • Vang vieng – cave and limestone mountain 
  • Si phan don – waterfall Dolphins river
  • Luong Namtha – ecotourism 
  • Don Khong – laid back island with river view 
  • Wat xiengthong – Buddhist Temple 

7. Philippines : The pearl of the orient seas 

The Philippines is situated in the western pacific ocean. It belongs to the southeast part of asia. The Philippines consists of about 7640 small islands of which around 7000 islands are rich in biodiversity due to its tropical climate. There are almost 600 kinds of bird species,  over 300 species of reptiles and 400 coral species can be found in the Philippines. Along with this Philippines is known for lush green paddy fields,  volcanos, world class surf sports, endemic wildlifes and metropolises. 

Food that must have to try in Philippines 

  • Halo-Halo – a special dessert made of milk, dry fruit beans and ice cream. 
  • Balut – Boiled eggs with embryo (underdeveloped duck) 
  • Adobo –  non-veg  recipe prepared from chicken,  beef or pork and vinegar. 
  • Rhum – Rhum / alcohol is very much cheap in Philippines 
  • Sinigang – A tamarind base soup

Places to visit in Philippines : 

  • Boracay – the beach capital of Philippines 
  • Bohol – UNESCO protected site for 1200 geological formation 
  • Cebu – paradise for underwater enthusiast 
  • Manila – capital of this country 
  • Sagada – best places for outdoor activities 

Activities to do in Philippines 

  • Kayaking at Panagsama beach
  • Walk over Tigbao hanging bridge in Bohol
  • Hiking and diving in samal island 
  • Sunset seiling at white beach of boracay 
  • Walk through aquarium tunnels in Manila ocean park

8. Malaysia : The land of Indigenous 

Malaysia is one of the most desirable travel destinations from India in fact and 9% of the Malaysian population are Indian. They are living there for their profession or by  loving the beautiful country. Malaysia is known for its rainforest, tropical climates, beaches and mixed culture. The sweetness of Malaysian culture adopts  from Malai Indian European and Chinese culture. The wife life and coastal reef of Malaysia content more than 20% of the world’s number of species

Places to visit in Malaysia 

  • Iconic 451m tall Petronas twin tower 
  • Batu caves : countryside mountains
  • Perhentian island
  • Sipadan island : best diving destination in the world 
  • Kek lok si temple in george town
  • Cameron highlands – hill station in pahang


  • Cable car ride in kedah 
  • Sunbath in langkawi
  • Trekking in Taman negara national park
  • Dive in the perhentian island 

9. Singapore : the Lion City

Singapore is more about traveling and exploring creative things. in spite of a small country Singapore has a lot of things to offer like travel destination tourist attraction creative architecture food and much more. It is the central point of southeast asia most of the weather is quite pleasant and warm than the other southasia country. Singapore it is very much reputed in the worldwide for its environment friendly urbanization, clean and hygienic atmosphere. Moreover Singapore is the best holiday destination with family and friends in cheap price. Walking through narrow lanes, traditional house creative art and paintings on the street will bring you in a dream world . street food and hawker food is very popular in this beautiful city. 

Places to visit in Singapore

  • Marina Bay : ultramodern city in the world
  • Sea Aquarium – House of 100 species of Marine life 
  • Sentosa island – most popular islands resort in Singapore 
  • Sentosh merlion tower – iconic structure of Singapore 
  • Singapore zoo

Activities to do in Singapore 

  • Heart pumping ride in Singapore flier 
  • Spellbinding views of the waterfront at Gardens by the Bay Bay
  • Indoor skydiving 
  • Water adventure 
  • Reverse BunSafari
  • Night Safari 

10. Cambodia : The land of smiles and kindness 

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country and known for its ancient temples. It shares its  land border with Panama Brazil and equator Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean surrounds The coastal line of Cambodia.  It gives a wide  beach opportunity to expand tourism in this country .Columbia is the best place for those people who love raw  countryside beauty , historical architecture , Mekong delta and mountains . Beside this Colombia offers a beautiful sea beach,  colonial town and royal palaces. Local people in this country are very welcoming , friendly and helpful. You can cycle around the villages to get more interaction from them in addition you will get a wide view of local culture.

Places to visit in Cambodia 

  • Angkor Wat – ancient city,  titled as world heritage site by UNESCO 
  • Bayon- The heart of the Angkor complex
  • Tonle sap lake – Largest freshwater lake in southeast asia. 
  • Koh Rong – relaxing beach
  • Battambong – history and arcitucture of Franch Colonialism 

11. Turkey : The land of Legends 

Turkey is a Middle east country . The major part of this country belongs to western Asia and very little portion came from south east Europe . Turkey is famous for its diversified architecture. Beautifully balanced mixture of art from Asia and Europe can be noticed on the ancient architecture in turkey. This country is one of the top leading hijab exporting countries in the world. Turkey is also known for its traditional home made curpat , Hammam,  blazers and traditional Turkish tea. 

Places to visit in Turkey 

  • Istanbul – the largest city in the Turkey 
  • Ankora – the capital of this country 
  • Hagia Sophia – Wonderful Christian architecture 

Things to do in Turkey 

  • Hot air balloon in Cappadocia 
  • Cloth shopping – Turkey is very reputable for cloth Industry 

12. Indonesia : The land of thousand island  

Indonesia is known for volcanoes and unbeatable landscapes. It is land of beautiful scenery and disverful forests. Indonesia is the second largest tropical forest in the world. This country is the home of the world’s largest lizard family,  the Komodo Dragon. Beside this,  the world’s largest flower Rafflesia arnoldii is found in Indonesia. Active volcanoes,  surfing waves and peaceful beaches will bring you to another planet. As a short holiday trip,  Indonesia must be added to your chosen list. 

Places to visit in Indonesia 

  • Bali – the Paradise of beach 

13. Bangladesh : land of natural beauty

Once upon a time Bangladesh was a part of India . But after 1947 , Bangladesh became an independent country by the leadership of Mujibar Rahaman. It is situated in the East part of India. Although two countries are separated by boundary lines over there and marry similarities between two countries like language, food and culture etc. Bangladesh is very good in terms of nature. This country is clearly defined by the frequent changing colorful seasons. So the beauty and sightseeing are always changing within two or three months. Another major reason that actress tourists in Bangladesh is that Bangladesh is a very cheap pocket friendly country. You can easily spend one day for just 8-10 USD.  In fact, you can enter Bangladesh through the land border just by spending 250 INR from kolkata. 

Places to visit in Bangladesh :

  • Dhaka – capital of this country as well as the center of trader and culture
  • Chattogram – 
  • Cox’s Bazar – sea beach 
  • Sylhet
  • Bandarban 

Food must have to try 

  • Haleem – non veg dish served with lemon juice, fried onion and garlic. 
  • Padma ilish Fish – The iconic food in Bangladesh 
  • Kacchi Biryani : most popular food 
  • Vuna khichuri : a mix of rice and vegetables.
  • Grill Chicken 

14. United Arab Emirates 

There are lots of people who want to travel to the UAE at least once in their life. There is no doubt that UAE is a very expensive country to visit  but with proper planning you can execute a pocket friendly trip to UAE. Abu Dhabi is the capital of this country. UAE designed with modern architecture and technology,  the tallest man made building BURZ KHALIFA is in UAE. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two major cities in the UAE . Most of the tourists gathered here. Overall there are lots of things to do and lots of places to visit in Dubai. 

Places to visit in Dubai 

  • Burj khalifa – Tallest man made building in the world 
  • Burj AL Arab – luxury hotel
  • Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque – iconic architecture in UAE with 82 white domes 
  • Shopping – world’s largest mall is situated in Dubai ( UAE) 
  • Dubai Aquarium – unexpected marine life 

Activities to do in UAE 

  • Skydiving above the palm island
  • Hot air balloon ride 
  • Desert safari 
  • Camel ride 
  • Helicopter tour 
  • Zip lining 

15. Oman : The land of frankincense and myrrh

Oman is a desert country full of dunes,  oasis and beach. The mejor popular in oman is muslim.  Around 17% of the total population are hindu. The peoples in Oman are very conservative and modest for following their own culture and heritage.  Overall,  Omans always ready to welcome outsiders to visit their country. They are very friendly and polite to tourists. Traditional clothes, culture , building architecture and food are quite different from any other country in the world. Those are one of a mejor attractions that draw huge tourists in Oman. 

Places to visit in Oman 

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
  • Wadi Ash Shab – Canyon
  • Bahla Fort 
  • Royal opera House – art complex in Oman 
  • Mutrah corniche 

16. China : land of the setting sun 

China is one of the most neighboring countries of India. India shares its north side land border with China. Almost 3488 km of border line lies  between the two countries. China is very diversified in terms of the Homeland of all kinds of PandasChina is known for its great wall. It says that the Wall of China is clearly visible from space. This wall is titled as the seven wonders of the medieval world. Apart from these, China is popular for street foods, martial arts, Chinese temples and pure natural beauties. Chinese smokers are very popular worldwide for their martial art. 

Places to visit in china 

  • The great wall of china 
  • The forbidden city 
  • Beijing 
  • Xi An 
  • Hangzhou 
  • Temple of Heaven 

17. Egypt : The land of pharaohs 

Egypt is a Northeast African country known for the pyramids. This country is situated at the bank of the Nile river.  Egypt is known for its ancient civilizations , iconic architecture of pyramids and the Sahara desert . World’s oldest dress was found in this country. In spite of the country  ‘s desert,  the valley of the Nile river is very fertile for agriculture. 

Places to visit in Egypt 

  • The Egyptian museum 
  • Abu Simbel 
  • Karnak – iconic complex of temple ruins
  • Giza Necropolis – site of the great pyramids and the sphi. 

18. Georgia : The land of wolves 

Georgia is a beautiful country located at the intersection of eastern europe and western Asia. Georgia is known for its traditional food,  lush nature and mountains. Georgia is the birthplace of wine. Georgia has been producing wine for more than 8000 years ago. The oldest wine market region is situated in Georgia. Overall,  there are three Geographic sites that are listed on UNESCO world heritage list. Bochorna , the highest village in Europe , is situated in Georgia. 

Places to visit in Georgia 

  • Narikala fortress – centuries old fort 
  • Gergeti Trinity church
  • Holy trinity cathedral of Thilisi 

19. Lebanon : Land of milk and honey 

Lebanon is a country in the Middle east.  It is officially known as the Lebanese Republic. Lebanon is the best place for history seekers. This country is also known for its food industry worldwide. 

Places to visit in Lebanon

  • National museum of Beirut
  • Qadisha valley
  • Raouche Rock – seaside rock
  • Temple of Bacchus – (Roman god of wine)
  • Cedars of God Bshari – forest of Lebanon cedar trees. 

20. Taiwan : The land of discovery 

Taiwan is a very little island type country located in the Pacific Ocean. In spite of being a small island,  Taiwan offers everything from mountains to beaches. It’s the Paradise of food lovers. Uncountable number of unique food items are prepared in Taiwan. The cities and buildings in Taiwan are also very beautiful. It will surely bring you to another planet for a moment. Night market in Taiwan is one of the most attractive night markets in the world. Taiwan is a part of Republic of China .

Places to visit in Taiwan 

  • Taroko National park 
  • Taipei 101 – long building with observation deck.
  • Sun moon Lake 
  • Lungshan Temple – Buddhist and Taoist temple 
  • Kenting National park – natural area with beaches and trails. 

Most famous Taiwan Food 

  • Beef noodles : Famous food in Taiwan 
  • Bubble Tea 
  • Taiwanese Sausages
  • Fried chicken cutlet
  • Braised pork rice 
  • Stinky Tofu 

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