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Changu lake Sikkim

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Changu Lake is the most popular Visiting spot in Gangtok Sikkim. It is popularly known as or Tsomgo lake. So the Changu Lake and Tsomgo lake both are the same. Tsomgo lake is a Bhutia language which means “source of the lake”. The time required to cover this place is 2 hours. This lake is open for both Indians and Foreigners. The foreigner must need to take a guide to visit this place. In the autumn Season, Various types of colorful mountain flowers and alpine forest grow surrounded by the lake. Migratory birds came from the Himalayan region to search for food in the shallow water of the lake. The length of the lake is 836 meters and the width of the lake is 427 meters. Local people offered a colorfully decorated yak for a ride surrounding the Lake.

Changu lake Sikkim sarrounder by mountains Changu lake Source

The lake formed as an oval shape and expanded over 24.47 hectares of land. The source of the water is the ice of the surrounding mountain. The rays of the sun reflect from the water of the make and create an incredible view. For that reason Changu lake is known as the color-changing lake. Throughout the summer the ice melted and fell into the depths. The cultural animal of this region is red Panda, Yaks, and Mules. Indian postal service launched a postal stamp on Tsomgo lake.

Cable car in Changu lake Sikkim:

There is a ropeway over Changu Lake Sikkim. It costs 325 INR Per head. The ropeway offers an authentic view of Changu Lake from the altitude of 14,500 ft. From the ropeway, one can enjoy a clear view of the nearest visiting point. Ropeway destinations end on the way to Nathula pass and Baba Mandir. so one can cover those places after Changu Lake. The ropeway or cable car authority provide their facility from 80:00 am to 03:00 pm

Location of Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake is situated about 38 kilometers from Gangtok. It will take 2 hours from Gangtok town. One can cover this place while visiting the Nathula pass. This lake is on the way to Nathula pass. The elevation of the Changu lake is 12313 feet from sea ground.

Summer is the best time to visit Tsomgo Lake. Summer stays here from January to mid-May. The weather was so calm and clear due to summer. In winter the surface of the lake turns into frozen. Tsomgo lake is very snowy in winter. June and July are also so charming here.

Nearest visiting place of Tsomgo lake :

Nathula Pass: Nathula pass is a trading Border between India And China. Only Indian citizens are allowed to visit here. Get more information before visiting the Nathula pass.

Baba Mandir: Baba Mandir is a popular temple in the Nathula region. Basically it is the memory of Baba Harbhajan Singh. He was an ex-army of the Indian army. One can easily cover this place along with Nathula pass and Tsomgo lake. Here is everything you have to know about Baba Temple.

Necessary thing for Visit Changu lake

  • Worm cloth
  • snow boot and gloves ( if you visit in winter)
  • permit and id photocopy
  • Passport photocopy and visa photocopy for the foreign visitor
  • A local guide must for the foreigner.

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