Best time to visit Rajasthan

Best time to visit Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is a popular travel destination in India. Tourists from all over india as well as foreigners visit here through the year. But from the perspective of the best time to visit Rajasthan,  only a few months are to be chosen. Normally,  winter is considered as the best time to visit Rajasthan. Rajasthan is located far away from the coastal area. And known for desert terrient. That’s why Rajasthan is normally too hot than other places in india. However,  the changing climate makes Rajasthan ideal to visit in some specific time of year. 

Best time to visit Rajasthan

Winter is the best time to visit Rajasthan.  Due to a desert torrent,  winter is quite pleasant in Rajasthan. Winter season begins from October and extends upto March. Winter is also the best time to experience local festivals in Rajasthan. Many colorful cultural festivals are held in winter time. 

Summer in Rajasthan 

The summer in Rajasthan begins from the month of April and stays until june. Summer is very harsh in Rajasthan. Generally,  tourists avoid those moments to visit Rajasthan. Temperature during the day time raises upto 45 degree Celsius from 24 degree Celsius. However,  Summer night is quite pleasant than day time. On the hot summer afternoon, sandstorms come rushing down from the desert.

Monsoon in Rajasthan 

The rainy season arrives in late June, with the departure of summer.The monsoon season started a new life cycle in Rajasthan. Different types of plants and desert flowers rise through the sand layer. The average temperature slightly falls compared to summer time. Monsoon makes Rajasthan one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. The ultimate beauty of the lakes in Rajasthan exposed in this season. During the monsoon season, the temperature in Rajasthan fluctuates between 25 C and 33 C.

Winter the best time to Rajasthan

Winter is the peak season in Rajasthan. Almost all hotels and homestays get pre-books at this time. The existing months of winter are between October to march. Day and night both are very pleasant in winter.  Sometimes , mercury level falls to zero degrees on winter nights. However , average temperature in morning time moves around 10 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius. 

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