Best time to visit Munnar in Kerala

Best time to visit Munnar in Kerala

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Best time to visit Munnar in Kerala

Munnar is a beautiful small town located in the western ghats of Idukki district,  Kerala. This small town is known for the incredible hill station,  natural beauty, and lovely waterfalls. Munnar is covered with endless tea plantations,  waterfalls, and wildlife. It can be visited any time in the year, but the best time to visit Munnar in Kerala in depents on season. The beauty of Manali and preferable weather conditions make this place in hikers and trekkers paradise. As well as,  Munnar is famous for its honeymoon destiny. For the natural beauty of Munnar and cool climate,  it addressed as the Kashmir of South India. In a nutshell,  a South Indian trip is never complete without Munnar.

Due to Munnar’s favorable geographical environment,  it can be visited at any time in the year. Although,  there are specifically some best months to visit Munnar. 

What is the best time to visit Munnar in kerala ? 

September to May is the best time to visit Munnar. Being the unlimited destination it is best for leisure seekers,  travel enthusiasts, adventurists, and honeymooners. September just after rains would be like one of the best experiences in Munnar with verdant green tea gardens. Beautiful waterfalls on the way to Munnar can be very enjoyable.  It will be extra thrilling if you don’t mind the occasional shower. 

Munnar in summer (march – June) 

Being located in hilly torrent Munnar is a good place to visit even during summer. The early morning and late evening can get a little chilly. So wearing a light sweater can be comforting. March to June mark the advent of the rainy season. So the sparkling streams and sloshing waterfalls become even more enticing.  The full bloomed flower gardens are in their glory. A cool breeze makes everything much more comfortable. So don’t hesitate from getting some memorable photographs in this captivating setting.

Activities : exploring tea state and spice garden,  sightseeing, etc. 

Munnar in monsoon (June – September)

Munnar experiences heavy rainfall. Generally, tourists avoid Monson. Monsoon starts in the first week of June in Munnar and stays almost the last week of September. Landsliding and dirt mard make the roads very difficult to access. But one advantage that you can take at this time is discount and low price in hotels or accommodation and thin crowd. If you are planning for Munnar in the last weeks of September then you can enjoy that advantage. However,  monsoon is the best time for photographers in Munnar.  Waterfalls and mountain rivers exposed their own beauty at this time. 

Munnar in peak winter (October – February)

Best time to visit Munnar in Kerala
Munnar in winter

Winter is considered the best time to visit Munnar. Weather remains cool and pleasant this season. Munnar has a pleasant climate throughout the year. It experiences the coldest winter and the weather is extremely cold during winter (December – January). The temperature can drop to five degrees Celsius during the peak winter season. 

However,  you won’t experience snowfall like a North Indian hill station like Shimla or Manali. Visitors in Munnar don’t enjoy heavy snowfall in the coldest month of the year. But, the little tourist crowd can be noticeable during Christmas and new year. 

Activities: sightseeing,  trekking, and camping 

Popular places to explore in Munnar 

  • Eravikulam national park
  • Kundala lake
  • Mattupetty dam
  • Top station 
  • Tata tea museum 

Frequently asked question 

Which is the best time to go to Kerala?

Munnar can be visited at any time in the year. However, September to May is the best time to visit Munnar. 

What is famous in Munnar Kerala? 

Munnar is popular for honeymoon destiny and holiday destinations. However, Munnar is popular for traditional Ayurveda treatment. Herbal plant diversity makes the best places for Ayurveda treatment. Lots of people come to Munnar to experience traditional Indian treatment. 

What can I buy in Munnar? 

Local hand made chocolate,  Spices, tea leaves, and Idukki cardamom can be bought from Munnar trips. Idukki cardamom is very popular all over the world for its authentic smell and taste. Besides this,  you can buy local handmade wooden crafts. 

Is there snowfall in Munnar?

In Spite of high altitude hill station, no snowfall can be experienced in Manali, unlike north Indian hill station. Although the temperature dips in -3 degrees Celsius.

Is one day enough for Munnar?

One day is not enough to cover all the visiting places in Munnar.  You need a minimum of two days and a night to cover all the Munnar region. However,  if you want to experience every part in this place from the root then you have to make a plan for 4-5 days.  

If you have any queries about Munnar, then you can comment or contact us. Our experienced team is always ready to assist you.

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