Best Time to Visit Ladakh

Best Time to Visit Ladakh

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Best time to visit ladakh

Ladakh is a dream land for many adventure lover and biker. The beauty of ladakh attracts everybody to visit this place . Mainly it is a heaven for photographers,  travellers and motorcyclists.  If you planning for ladakh trip and worried about the “Best Time to Visit Ladakh ” than stay with this informative article.

Although there are total six season in the season circle but only three season  rolled in ladakh region.  However,  most of the time throughout the year low temperatures exist.  But,  ladakh is quite plegent  in summer time. Some people also like to visit in monsoon.

You can enjoy different types of weather in your ladakh trip.  You can experience snowfall,  desert storm, rain and also scorching sun in the short time of your journey  .You can also enjoy pristine Beauty in front of many rivers, waterfalls , mountains and high passes.  So ladakh trip is very adventurous if you do it by road. The way of Ladakh opens for six months;  from May to october.  And the rest of the time the mountain passes and roads are covered with heavy snow,  and the road of Ladakh gets closed. 

Summer (May – june – july ) : The best time to visit ladakh

The Srinagar highway opened in the middle of the april.  Therefore,  you can travel for ladakh. If you planned your trip then you will get to see 20-25 feet high snow walls in Zojila pass.  

But you may have to return  in the same way because  leh-manali highway might be closed due to heavy snow falls. So you aren’t able to complete the full circuit of Ladakh trip. 

If you start your journey from srinagar highway in the last week of may then it will definitely be a excellent decision. Manali highway opens on the first of June so you can complete the whole circuit of Ladakh trip.  Another advantages of this time travelling are 

  • You can get less traffic , for that you can enjoy  the authentic view of nature without any disturbance 
  • Snow fall , in that time of the year you can enjoy the incredible view of snow peak mountain.
  • Frozen lake surface 

Some popular festivals of ladakh occered in this time ; like Yurukabgyat, Hemis Festival, saka Dawa eta. Mask dance with traditional music and hude costume make those festivals unique. But one this to remember you should cover ladakh by car or bike in this time to enjoy the maximum adventure in this route.

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Last fifteen days of june and whole july 

Snow started to malte in the june. as a results water crossing and waterfall rises. By bike,  passing those water crossing  is a kind of adventure itself.  And the weather is very favorable at this time. All roads of Ladakh opened at this time. 

Monsoon (August)

August is a monsoon season all over in india.  For heavy  rainfall rods of ladakh were very challenging. Landsliding often occurred in this region. you can face much more challenges in your ,  recommendation is to avoid this month. 

 Winter (September – october )

The weather of Ladakh changes every two months. The winter season of Ladakh starts in early September.  Popular ladakh festival occurred in this month. Photographers from all over the word come here to capture the incredible colour of nature. It’s the favourite time for photographers. However you can make your ride in this time.  But make sure that you carry proper stuff in your trip to overcome weather challanges.

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When the mountains pass covered by snow then all roses are collapsed. At this time the only way to visit Ladakh is by flight ; but it’s too expensive. So you can avoid this time. 

April – June 15 °C – 30 °CSummer 
July – September 3 °C – 17 °CMonsoon 
October – March10 °C – 20 °CWinter
Avarage weather tempature in ladakh

In concultion , May june july is the best time to visit ladakh

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