Best time to visit Kedarnath

Best time to visit Kedarnath

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Best time to visit Kedarnath

Kedarnath is famous for its difficult route and atmosphere. Among the other four dham,  kedharnath dham is one. It is situated in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Mahadev Shiva of Hindu mythology is worshipped in this temple. Every year thousands of visitors overcome the difficulties and reach kedarnath. To decrease your difficulties for kedarnath reaching,  you have to know the Best time to visit Kedarnath . 

Kedarnath temple is located in the lap of Himalayas.  That’s why the coldness of the weather differs in different months. But the chill atmosphere never went away. In Spite of this,  mainly three seasons can be noticeable in kedarnath. 

Kedarnath is Summer   ( April – June) 

The summer life of kedarnath begins from the week of April and stays till the month of may. The average temperature moves from 20 -25 degrees celsius. Although,  you have to carry light woolen clothes. Ice melted rills and colourful flowers bloomed everywhere on the way. Ideally summer is the most preferable time to visit kedarnath temple. Average temperature is best for exploring kedarnath as well as sightseeing. 

Important Festival in summer 

Temple authorities arrange  samadhi puja on the last day of the season when the temple’s doors get closed for six month. 

Kedarnath in monsoon ( july – September) 

Monsoon is the most difficult time for visiting kedarnath. Landsliding and road blockage are very common things in monsoon , on the way to Kedarnath. Although, depending on weather tourists gather in monsoon aslo. After the horrible flash flood of 2013 , temple doors closed for some months in the monsoon. 

Important festival in monsoon

If you visit kedarnath in monsoon , then you can enjoy Annakut Mela In kedarnath.  The main purpose of annakut mela is to celebrate new crops after harvesting. After that,  vinayak chaturdash is the major festival in monsoon time. Vinayaka chaturthi festival is dedicated to the son of Mahadev shiv,  Ganesh. 

Kedarnath in winter (end November – March) 

Winter is also very hersh in the Himalayas due to heavy snow falls. Kedarnath temple closed for four months in winter. But at the end of the winter,  you can make a plan for kedarnath. However,  the weather temperature rises upto 15 degree Celsius. Light snowfall is another reason for kedarnath trips in winter. Road reconstruction work starts from the first week of October. Till mid October all roads for kedarnath open. Overall , foggy weather and snowfall makes winter quite roughest month to visit. 

Important festival : 

 Beside a religious place,  kedarnath is known for Badri kedar festival . Artists as well as dancers and singers came here from all over the world to participate in the Badri kedar festival. All of them share their knowledge , talent and their culture. In a nutshell,  you can feel the artwork and connect yourself to nature at that time. 

Best time to visit kedarnath 

Honestly,  from September second week to October end is the best time to visit kedarnath. Mid November is also the best time to travel kedarnath.  Basically  , mid November is the pre winter,  when the average temperature is 15 degree Celsius 

Popular FAQ on Best time to visit Kedarnath

When can I see snow in kedarnath? 

Mid November to First week of December is the best time to visit Kedarnath to enjoy snowfall.

How many days does it take for kedarnath yatra? 

One day is enough for exploring kedarnath Temple.  But , it takes almost three day if you start your journey from Gaurikund by foot. You can cover your journey by helicopter from Phata,  it takes a few hours to reach kedarnath. 

How long has the kedarnath temple been closed  ? 

Kedarnath temple closes all over the winter season.  After the flash flood in 2013 , temple doors opened for some weeks in monsoon also. 

In which month kedarnath temple opens?   

Kedarnath temple opens in summer time.  Generally,  pilgrims get access of kedarnath temple for six months in a year.April to july is the proper time when you can visit kedarnath. 

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