Best time to visit in Jaisalmer

Best time to visit in Jaisalmer

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Best time to visit in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is the heart of Thar desert . It is also known as the Golden city. Jaisalmer belongs to the hottest state in india. That’s why before planning your next trip for Jaisalmer,  wait a couple of minutes and know the best time to visit jaisalmer. Only three seasonal rotations out of six can be noticeable all over the year in Jaisalmer. Although the effects of summer are more noticeable in Jaisalmer

Winter the best time to visit in Jaisalmer : 

Winter is the best season for visiting Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer gets cold from the month of mid November. In winter, after sunset, the temperature drops sharply to 7- 8 degree Celsius. However, in winter, the maximum temperature during the day reaches 24 degrees Celsius . From the month of December almost all the hotels and accommodation get fully booked by tourists. So before landing in jaisalmer, make sure to book your hotel. 

Why should you visit Jaisalmer in Winter ?

Jaisalmer is known for the desert festival. Jaisalmer desert festival is one the most popular festival in Rajasthan. This festival takes place in sam sand dunes which is located almost 40 kilometers away from the proper town. It is an annual tradition festival. Every year on the day of the full moon of Magh month,  this festival is celebrated. Desert festival heals for three days. Visitors came from far away to join this festival. Overall, the weather is pleasant in winter. 

Summer in Jaisalmer : 

Summer is the most uncomfortable month for visiting jaisalmer. Tourists and travellers generally avoid summer time due to irritative weather conditions . Summer affects jaisalmer from the month of April. The mercury hits its maximum in the mid June. Average temperature of jaisalmer fluctuated from 25 to 46 degree Celsius during summer days. However,  after sunsets temperature significantly falls. 

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Low budget travelers can get the advantage of summer time. Summer and pre-monsoon are the best time to enjoy the attractive deals on hotel booking. Hotels and accommodation offer very cheap renting prices for off season .

Things to remember for Summer trip 

  • Carry light cotton cloths and sleeveless T-shirts. 
  • Use strong sunscreen to protect your cute face .
  • Drink as much water as you need to keep your body hydrated.
  • Try to execute your exploration planning in early morning or evening time. 
  • Carry sunglasses and face masks to keep safe from sun rays and sands. 

Monsoon in Jaisalmer : 

After a long month of intense heat,  the rain arrives in the golden city. Although Jaisalmer doesn’t receive much rainfall , every drop of rain brings new life into it. Slowly the atmosphere gets pleasant and increases the humidity level in the air. Monsoon is very short in jaisalmer. The rainy season lasts from September to October. Therefore the long awaited winter enters. 

Frequently asked questions 

How far is Mount Abu from Jaisalmer ?

Mount abu is the coldest place in Rajasthan. It’s a natural hill station and famous for old temples and wildlife sanctuaries. If you are planning for a Rajasthan trip then you should add Mt.  Abu in the first of your priority list. Mt. Abu js situation is 438  km far from jaisalmer town. You can easily reach Mount Abu from Jaisalmer by Public bus or cab. 

What are the sand dunes in jaisalmer ?

There are three popular sand dunes in jaisalmer.  Sam sand dunes is one of then. Sam sand dunes are popular for camel safari and sunset view points. Every year millions of tourists visit here to experience the exclusive view of the sun set .

What is famous in jaisalmer to buy ?

Traditionally handcrafted designed mirrors and camel leather products are famous in Jaisalmer. Moreover, to keep the trip to Jaisalmer memorable, you can buy carpets, jewellery, antique pots,  table lamps and so on.

Which is the best month to visit jaisalmer ? 

Winter is the best month to visit jaisalmer. However, if you are a budget traveller then you can visit Jaisalmer during monsoon .

How many days do you need to explore jaisalmer properly ?

Two days and three days are enough to properly explore jaisalmer. Even,  you can enjoy desert camel safari in those days. 

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