Best time to visit Alleppey

Best time to visit Alleppey

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Alleppey is one of the best beautiful city in Kerala, South India. It is one of the oldest planned towns in India. Lord Curzon described Alleppey as the Venice of the East because of its natural diversity. Every year lots of tourists visit hear from all over the world. This place is popular for a honeymoon destination and holiday destinations. Alleppey is also known for palm-fringed canals,  houseboat resorts,  backwaters, and traditional Ayurveda treatment. Best time to visit Alleppey

The Laccadive sea lies in the west part of this place. Crowds of tourists on the sea beach can be notified every time in the year.  The coast guard of Alleppey expands up to 82 kilometers from north to south. You can also experience the beauty of nature and local culture in Alleppey. Houseboat ride in backwater provides you a glimpse of local culture and a wide view of paddy field surrounded by coconut trees. The huge availability of coconut trees helps to build a major industry for coconut husk. 

What is the best time to visit Alleppey ?

October to March (winter) 

Winter is the best time to visit Alleppey. October to march remains winter in Alleppey. The weather temperature exists between 18 degrees Celsius to 33 degrees Celsius. Alleppey is situated at an elevation of 11 meters from the sea level .  So the sharpness of winter is quite weak . Satisfying sunset view can be enjoy from the houseboat in winter. 

Winter is the peak time for tourists in Alleppey.  Houseboat riding gets much more traffic this time. Pleasant Weather temperatures exist at this time,  not too cold nor too hot. 

Event on winter :

Chakkulathukavu festival,  Pongal, and annual beach festival are the major festivals celebrated in Alleppey during winter.

March to May ( summer) 

Summer knocks the door of Alleppey from the first week of March. Although,  summer doesn’t remain too pleasant in this place. Sometimes the weather temperature hits up to 37 degrees Celsius. Maximum tourist avoids Alleppey in summer. However,  due to countable visitors, hotel rooms were available at a very cheap price. One can take an amazing deal on room booking in Venice of east. If you planning Alleppey for summer then make sure you will carry light cotton clothes, sunglasses,  and sunscreen to protect your cute face from sharp sun rays. Overall,  the weather in Alleppey is very uncomfortable in the summer.  After the sunset temperature drops up to 26 degrees Celsius a normal day. However, an Alleppey trip in summer is not advisable anymore.

June to September  ( monsoon) 

Monsoon is the best season for couples. Overall,  weather temperature,  beautiful sights,  and rainfall turn Alleppey into the best romantic destination in south India. Monsoon also explores an unseen natural beauty in Alleppey, which makes it the paradise of photographers. Due to heavy rainfall houseboat rides get closed throughout all seasons. However,  you can enjoy a relaxing view and cozy weather in monsoon.

You can enjoy light rain showers with your favorite one toward the tea garden. Surely,  it would be a great moment in your tour,  don’t forget to capture those moments. Alleppy experienced heavy rainfall in monsoon. But the recommended time to visit Alleppey in monsoon is from the first week of June to mid-July when the monsoon gets entered in Alleppey with light rainfall. You also can get the best deal on accommodation during the monsoon. So,  for couples, June to mid-July is a good time to explore Alleppey. Otherwise, the most preferable time is in winter. 

Best time to visit Alleppey
Houseboat in Alleppey

Event on Monsoon:

A popular boat race arranged in the month of August in the backwater of Alleppey. This bote race is popular as Nehru Snake Boat Race in Kerala.  Many local people participate in this race.  If you visit Alleppey in the month of August then you can experience the joy of this amazing event in Kerala. 

Frequently asked questions

Which is better Munnar, or Alleppy? 

Munnar and Alleppey both are special in their own category. If you looking for a short time holiday vacation then you should go for a Munnar.  You can also get some thrilling adventures experience in Munnar. And Munnar known for the amazing hill station. On the other hand,  Alleppy is situated at an elevation of 11 meters,  so it’s not considered as a hill station.  Alleppy is known for a honeymoon destination. You can also visit here on your holiday trip.  The most popular thing in Alleppey in Houseboat riding in the backwater. So, first of all, know your interest then go for that.

What is the cost of a houseboat in Alleppey? 

Houseboat cost may defer on the type of bote. Like premium houseboats are expensive and deluxe cruise boats are less expensive.  You can book a houseboat for one day and night. Deluxe cruise bote fair stars from 7500 and goes up to 13000. Where premium Houseboat cruise fair starts from 12000 and may go up to 17000. Breakfast,  lunch,  dinner was added in your package plan. 

How many days are enough for Alleppey?

The most recommended time is three-night and two days to explore Alleppey properly  However,  if you have much more time then you can spend one week.  It will help you to experience local culture and local food. Overall,  two days and three nights are enough to explore Alleppey properly. 

What should I buy from Alleppey? 

Coconut husk is the major industry in Alleppey.  You can get lots of hands made coir products in Alleppy.  As well as,  you can buy spices and tea.  You can experience Triveni in Kerala. Triveni is a floating boat were you can shopping. This is also a signature activity in south India like a houseboat.

How can I reach Alleppey? 

Cochin international airport is the nearest airport in Alleppey.  From cochin airport you can easily reach Alleppey by local text. 

How can I book a houseboat in Alleppey? 

There are lots of online sites where you can easily confirm your booking.  Otherwise,  you can directly book your ride in the house bote authority office in Alleppey. 

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