Best Places In Mussoorie to Visit

Best Places In Mussoorie to Visit

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Mussoorie is a magnificent hill station located in Uttrakhand near Dehradun city. Mussoorie is also known as the Queen of hills for its beauty. The nearest railway station to Mussourie is Dehradun, which is 35 kilometers away from this hill station. Local transportation like bus or ranted car is the only way to reach Mussourie. Whatever. Here we listed the best places in Mussoorie to visit.  Generally, more than two days is needed are to explore Mussoorie properly. You have to take at least three days to explore all areas.   After all, it is true that Mussoorie will hold you in the spell of its beauty that will not let you leave the site.

Library chowk 

Library chowk is one of the leading markets in Mussoorie. Most hotels and hostels(Dharamsala) are located around this library-chowk. You can rent scooters from Library Chuck to explore all of Missouri. You may have to pay 600 to 800 rupees if you take a scooter for the whole day. Famous mall road in Missouri starts from the library chowk. In the evening, numerous shops opened on both sides of the road in the library chowk. Some are local food shops, and some are winter clothes shops. There is also a tiny viewpoint at Library Chowk from where you can see the mountains’ beautiful view and the sunrise.

Kempty falls

 Kempty falls is one of the most popular tourist attrition and picnic spot in Mussourie. It is situated at an elevation of 4450 ft from the sea level. There is a beautiful water reservoir at the bottom of the falls. Visitors can take a bath in the falls. During September and October, when I visited there, the water was very chilled, but adventure-thrilling people didn’t care about me and the power of the falling streams. Apart from this, anybody initiated adventure activities like ropeway and zip lining near the falls. Overall, kempty falls are best for adventure lovers and photographers. 

Lal Tibba 

Lal Tibba is the most famous sunrise viewing point in Mussoorie. Try to reach this place before 6 am to enjoy the spectacular sunrise view from mt. Kanchenjunga. Landour Bakehouse is renowned for traditional snacks and coffee.

Lal Tibba
Lal Tibba

Buddha Temple and Dalai Hills

Happy valley Tebation Buddhist temple is magnificent.. a Buddhist statue and a temple are located on the high point of the mountain cliff. After climbing lots of stairs then, you can reach that place. But the view from the top makes your journey worthwhile. You can enjoy the bird’s eye view of Kendriya Vidyalaya, L.BS.N.A.A., Mussoorie. There are also some makeshift eateries on the hill, where you can quickly get tea and Maggi. The idea of the sunset through the clouds while sipping hot tea will make your trip to the mountains worthwhile.

Company Garden

The company garden is well-decorated and the best place to spend time with children. The company garden is well-decorated and the best place to spend time with children. The entry fee is Rs.20 per person, and parking charges are separate. There are artificial fountains and a well-maintained flower garden where you can take family photos.

George Everest 

George Everest is an ideal place for young adventure seekers. It is situated around 7 kilometers away from library chowk. The road to George Everest is hilly and deserted, although the tree-lined highway gives you a unique feel. This place offers spectacular views of mountains and sunsets, but you have to climb around two kilometers of steep mountain road. So it is advised to avoid this place with elderly or children. There is a car park at the entrance to George Everest where you have to park your car to reach the central part. 

Gun Hill point.

Gun hill Point is situated at the end of Mall Road. It is also the best place to witness the sunrise over the hills. There is a ropeway down to Gun Hill Point. Apart from this, you can also reach on foot. There are several hotels and restaurants below Gun Hill Point where you can take your breakfast or lunch. A little further from here, another big street market begins. You can buy various items like handicrafts, winter clothes, hill tea momos, etc. Local traditional hill wear and photographers are available for rent at Gunchal Point. You can also shoot photos there if you want.

People also ask

What is your favorite thing about Mussoorie?

Mussourie is famous for its hill station, spectacular sunrise view, and lush green hills. Some popular viewpoints in Missouri are Gunhill point, Lal Tibba, etc.

Are two days enough for Mussoorie?

More than two days are needed to explore Mussoorie properly. Otherwise, you will get tired and can’t enjoy the moment.  

How to spend three days in Mussoorie?

Day one: Check in at your hotel and explore the local market day two: visit Lal Tibba, Mussourie lake, the company garden, and George Everest Buddist temple Day three: see the rest of the places in Mussoorie.

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