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Spring Festival is a very popular event in West Bengal. The festival is celebrated to welcome Spring. Basanta Utsav represents a variety of Bengali Culture. This is the festival of color. Annually this event celebrated in Santiniketan and Rabintra Barati Campus. Thousand of people came here to join this festival. Over a period of time, the significance and vast city crossed the border and reached abroad. Thereby, Many foreigners also came here to join this festival. Famous Bengali poet Rabindra Nath Tegor first introduces this festival. The festival is also known as the Holi festival in various regions of India.

Different color in Basanta Utsav
Different color in Basanta Utsav

History Behind Basanta Utsav

It seems that Basanta ( spring) is the king of all seasons. In the regions of eastern India, the rotation period of six seasons is clearly observed. For the pleasant weather and natural beauty, the spring season is the king of the season ( Ritu-raj ). Various colors of flowers blossom all over this region throughout this season. Whatever, keeping all there in mind, Rabindra Nath introduces this festival to bangles. Rabindra Nath Tagore was a famous multi-talented Bengali poet. In the year of 1873 Rabindra Nath first, celebrate this festival in Santiniketan Ground.

Significance of This Festival

Rabindra Nath Tegor introduced this festival first. However, The main purpose to increase the connection between people in society. This festival symbolized the joy and progress of our society. Secondly, Due to t this festival we all welcome to the king of the season Basanta ( spring).In this season nature shows it’s own beauty. And thirdly, through this festival, we all remember the thought of Nobel poet Rabindra Nath Tagore.

where celebrate Basanta Utsav

Basanta Utsav celebrated mainly Santiniketan or Rabindra Bharati university. Besides this, some Bengali cultural society and some club organized this festival. The celebration of Basanta Utsav took place over two days. In the year 2020, this festival celebrates between 9th March to 10st March. The students of Rabindra Bharati university directly participate in this festival. Culture-loving people also attend the spring festival directly. All off them used a yellow color dress associated with turmeric. Here the yellow symbolized the prosperity of India. Various types of cultural events organized here throughout the day.

One must visit this place one his/her life to enjoy the joy of life. Besides this, the Santiniketan ground is a very beautiful place. if you join this festival in the upcoming year then you must reach Santiniketan first.

Basanta Utsav in 20 the century

At present, some students are disgrace this reputable institution because of their ignorant mind. In recent years (2020) some groups of students perform some obscene content due to this reputed festival. with this activity directly hammer Bengali culture. However, They are not only insulting the name of their reputed institution, but they are also hurting someone from Bengali culture. So, we all have to be careful not to repeat these activities aging. Above all, we should honor the local culture and people. Because we can get the honor only when we respect our opposite person.

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