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Baba Mandir is a popular destiny in Gangtok Region. Baba Mandir is also known as Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple. This place reflects the glory of the Indian army, the defense wall of India. This temple is dedicated to Harbajan Singh. Harbhajan Singh was given the title of Hero of Nathula By the Indian army. Baba Harbhajan Singh was martyred at an early age. His followers gave him the title of Baba(Saint). Indian army Maintain this temple. They firmly believe that Babaji(spirit) always protects them in these high altitude fortified mountainous areas. However, One can cover this place by visiting the Nathula Pass. Baba mandir is situated in the middle of the Nathula pass and Jelepla. It takes a maximum of one hour to explore this place. It is a protected area so you must be issued a permit from Gangtok to visit this place.

People leave here water battel in this temple and collect it when they return. Local state government celebrates a holiday in the memory of Baba Harbhajan Singh. Baba Mandir opens at 08:30 am and closed at 02:30 pm every day.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple in Gangtok
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If you are planning to travel to Gangtok, you must add this place to your list of visits. This place is situated at a high altitude. That is why some people may have difficulty breathing here. So, please must take precautions before exploring this place. The best time to visit this place between April to June. The summer season exists in between these months.

History of Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple:

The temple has a significant history behind it. Baba Harbhajan Singh was born on 30 August 1946 in a small village Browndal of former Pakistan. He belongs from an Elite Sikh family. He did his primary education there. After completing his primary education, he joined the Indian Army. Therefore, on 09th February 1966, he was enrolled in the Punjab Regiment of the Indian army. After that, in the year 1968, he died in a natural disaster.

Mysterious history about Baba

Baba Harbhajan died in the 1968 India-China war. According to official information, Baba Harbhajan Singh was bringing food for Indian soldiers due to the Indian-china war. Harbhajan was leading a mule column in the remote mountainous region. Unfortunately, Harbhajan Singh died after being hit by an avalanche. After that, the rescue team started its operation to found the body of Harbhajan Singh for about three days. But no one can trace the body of Harbhajan Singh.

It is said that Babaji came to the dream of a colleague and gave the proper directions to find his dead body. Babaji also wishes to build a cenotaph near his chack post. As per the dream, they found the body in the same place. The followers of Babaji strongly believe that Babaji always protects them from upcoming danger. Harbhajan sing’s used cloths/ uniform is still stored in this temple. But the surprising thing is that no one has to clean the father’s clothes. In other words, It becomes clean by itself. There is a large photo frame of Baba Harbhajan Singh. Devotees of baba worship this photo.

The honor of Harbhajan Singh

Indian Army honored him by Maha Vir Chakra in 1969 for his bravery heart. Baba Harbhajan Singh’s story is very prevalent in China, including his village and the Nthu La region. At the time of the flag meeting between India and China, China kept a separate chair to honor Father Harbhajan Singh. Moreover, devotees believe that Babaji’s spirit still protects the border area.

It is believed that Baba punishes anyone in the Indian Army who violates the law. Every year on 11 September, Baba’s belongings were taken in a jeep to the nearest New Jalpaiguri railway station. Then three Indian soldiers took the thing to Baba’s village by rail.

Location of Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple:

Baba Mandir is situated at an elevation of 13,123 ft from the sea level . The Gangtok tawn is almost 55- 60 km from this temple. The most recommended way to visit baba mandir is by booking a car from Gangtok. The car driver will cover all visiting places near Baba Temple. Available car for the Group trip is Bolaro and Scorpio in this region. It will cost around 4000 INR for a round trip. Bike riders also visit here with their bike. It falls under a protected area so everyone must need to carry a permit.

Nearest visiting places

The main attraction near Baba Mandir is a nature pass. In addition, Tsomgo Lake and Hangu Lake. You can cover Baba Mandir by visiting those places. However, Baba mandir is situated on the way of Nathula pass. So, all you need to issue a permit from Gangtok. With one single permit, you can cover all these places. Above all, the whole Gangtok region is so beautiful.

Nathu La pass in Sikkim Here is more details about the nearest places of Baba Mandir.

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