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Alipore Zoo

Alipore Zoo, The Zoological Garden of the City of Joy

Alipore zoo is the most popular tourist attraction in Kolkata, West Bengal. The zoological garden, Alipour or Alipour Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in India. Probably in the former age, this zoo was popular for a giant tortoise Adwaita. In the year 2006, this tortoise died at the age of 250 years. now Alipour zoo develops as well as Conservation many rare animals. This Conservative area-wide over 45 acres from the time of the establishment,1876. But the zoo has not been able to grow in the last fifty years. Almost 1266 animals of 108 various kinds of spices conserved all over this 45 acres.

History of Alipore Zoological Garden :

The foundation was inaugurated in the year of 1876 by Seventh Edward. Initially, the planning of Alipore zoo comes from a small natural project in Barrackpore by Richard Wellesley, in the 18th century. Famous Franch physical zoologist Buchanan Hamilton was the first superintend of this project. Renowned French botanist Viktor Jacques has visited the garden. Some of the special features of the park were an inspiration for the London Zoo Authority.

After that, with the progress of the foundation zoo all over the world, The British community in Calcutta also thought about making the zoo in Calcutta. In 1873 The leftanent Governor sir Richard Temple Proposed to set up a zoo in Kolkata. Therefore, on 1st January 1876, princess of wales seventh Edward officially inaugurate the zoo in Kolkata’s elite suburbs in the Alipore region.

However, in the primary stage, some domestic animals and various kinds of deer were kept in the 1886, the size of the Alipour zoo increases significantly when the animals of Barakpore shifted in Alipour zoo. this park opened for general p[eople on 6th May 1876. initially, this zoo maintained and developed by the Indian and British elite. The first Indian superintend of this zoo was Ram Brahma Sanyal. With the hand of this person, this zoo develops a lot in various fields. He had achieved great success in the field of captive breeding. Above all, Alipore zoo mostly famous In the protection of animals from the foundation age.

Alipore Zoo
Current Map of Alipore Zoo Ground

Attraction in Alipore Zoo :

The most attractive thing in Alipore zoo is to conserve a huge number of variable animals and reptiles. There is a reptile house, a gorilla House, a Panther building, elephant house. A wild lake is situated in the middle of this zoo. various kinds of Migratory birds come here from far away. Some kind of speeches reaches here from North America and Australia. In the month between December to February, they come here to a huge number. Popular migratory birds that you can see in Alipore zoo are Siberian crane, Godwit, Bar-tailed godwit, Bar-headed goose any many more. Some special species of birds are conserved in the Artificially developed natural environment. birds those you can see are Macaw, Conure, Turaco, Hornbill, Golden pheasant, Lady Amherst’s pheasant, Swinhoe’s pheasant, Emu and many more. various types of Bulbul, Pigeon, Cockatoo, Parakeet, Pheasants are conserved in different cages.

Royal Bengal Tiger inside the cage of Alipore zoo
Royal Bengal Tiger

Animals in this Zoological Garden:

The zoo displayed great animal diversity. Various kinds of wild animals conserved in this zoo.zoo authority made a Glass walled encloser for jaguar and leopard. There is an open wild filed for roaming wild animals like Zebra, Various types of Deer, etc. Great Ryal Bengal tigers are conserved in Specially made land. Those plat of land covered by the steel frame. Above all, for security, those lands are separated by deep Excavat canal from the visitor zone. The main mammals and attractions in the zoo are the following.

Bengal tiger, African lion, Jaguar, Golden jackal, White tiger, Asian elephant, Striped hyena, Hippopotamus, Asian elephant, Various spices of deer, Zebra, Giant squirrel, Eastern grey kangaroo, Nilgai, Himalayan black bear, Sloth bear, Rhesus macaque [source: Wikipidea]

Deer eating grass in Alipore zoo
Deer In Alipore zoo

There is a separate glass-enclosed reptile building for the wildlife zone. Various spices of snakes, tortoises, and crocodiles are conserved here. like Yellow anaconda, Chequered keelback, Rhinoceros iguana, King cobra, Indian star tortoise, Banded sea krait, Indian python, etc.

There was an Aldabra giant tortoise named Adwaita. Alipour zoo is mostly known for that giant tortoise. In the year of 2006 at the age of 250 years, Adwaita died.

Significance of Alipour Zoo:

Alipore zoo played a great role in the field of hybrid programs. Zoo Authority executes many hybrid tests on wild animals. In the year of 1970 zoo authorities get success by produce tigons. The tigon is the result of a cross-breeding test between the tiger and the lion. In addition, they caught the attraction of the scientist society. The newborn tigons were Rudrani and Ranjini. The hybrid males were unable to reproduce. Most of the tigons were the Victims of genetic abnormalities and Dies at an early age. Exceptional Ranjini lives long (1973-1999).

Location of Alipore zoo:

Alipour zoo is located Beside the Alipour Road in Alipour, Kolkata West Bengal, 700027. Adjacent to St. Paul’s Cathedral and near Victoria Memorial. Metro, bus, and train routes are most preferable to visit Alipore Zoo.

Firstly, you can reach the Alipore zoo by air. Alipour zoo situated at a distance of 20 KM approximate from the airport. The nearest airport of a zoological garden in Kolkata Airport (CCU).

Secondly, you can reach the zoo through Metro. The nearest metro station is Maidan. From Maidan Metro Station You can book cabs (Ola or Uber). you have to pay 50-80 rupees for this ride.

Thirdly, and the most preferable way to reach a zoological garden is Railway. Nearest rail stations are DumDum And Sealdah. From Sealdah rail statin you easily reach this zoo via bus ( no: 239). It takes 15 – 17 rupees.

Visiting Hours and tickets in Alipore zoo

Visitors mainly come here in the winter season. It’s a really very good place to spend time with family in winter. mostly the lion part of traffic comes here between December to February.Especially on the Chrismas and English new year Million of visitor visits here. In 2003, Zoo authority claims that 25 lakh people visit this zoo on 1st January.

However, The zoo authority keeps the Alipore zoo ticket free minimum. For this minimus amount of entry fee Government earn low revenue from the zoo.

Alipore zoo ticket :

  • on Government holiday and Saturday and Sunday: 30INR
  • On General Working Day: 25INR
  • Aquarium Charge: 5 INR
  • For videography and photography: 250INR ( you can book your online ticket for Alipore zoo through this link )

Visiting time for the zoo is 09:00 am – 05:00pm

Thre are 18 entry gates, that makes the entry process smoother. The ticket counter is located adjacent to the entrance. the ticket counter of the zoo opens at 09:00 am and closed at 04:30 pm. Alipour zoo basically closed on Tuesday. If any government holidays fall on Thursday then authority opens the zoo.

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