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 15th August, The independents day of India

15th August in every year is celebrated as Independents day with great pride and enthusiasm. On fifteen august in 1947 the nation India, the world’s largest democracy was independents from the grip of the united kingdom. 

National Flag Host on 15th august  Independents Day
National Flag Host on Independents Day

Significance of 15th August in India:

There is a vast significance of fifteen august on the page of Indian history. The British ruled India for almost two-thousand years. During this period they Conducted untruthful persecution on Indians.indiaget his freedom through many sacrifices, many freedom fighters dedicate their life for India’s Freedom. Those freedom fighters names are engraving on India Gate at New Delhi. After a long remarkable struggle, India got his freedom on midnight of fourteen August 1947.

The national flag of India was flying for first time in independent India above Lahore Gate at Red Fort, Delhi. The first prime minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru unfold the national flag with Bismillah khan’s shehnai. Nehru delivered a speech “Tryst with destiny “for all Indians throughout this celebration. For this remarkable day, Neheru refers to the father of the nation, Gandhiji in his speech.

However various topic covered through this lecture like about the journey of freedom from the shackle of British rule, the struggle of freedom fighter, etc.the Indian government declared India as Purno Swaraj on that historical day. There are three national holidays observed in India, Independence day one of these holidays.

Celebration of Fifteen August in India:

Everywhere in this country, people celebrate that day with feeling proud.Trianga( Nation flag ) hosted with proper respect in the Government school, colleges or other non-government institution and union territories.

On fifteen August, prime minister of India hosts national flag with the honor of twenty-one gunshot. The national anthem” Jana Gana Mana” proudly sang through this process. On the evening of independence, the respected prime minister delivers a speech for the nation. Through this speech, P.M. highlights the achievement of India, important issues or further development. Individual every state celebrates independents day at their capital. Besides this, some pageants were arranged like kite flying, drawing pageants, etc. on the independents day, patriotic songs were brought cust on tv or radio. It’s a big occasion for the Indian arm force. They celebrate depends all over a day variously programs and roadshows.

The history behind the freedom: 

India was always attrition from the ancient age to the foreigners. from the ancient age exotic come again and again. Generally, they come for adventure, business, and mainly Indian spices. In the 17th century, the British landed over India region with some special motive. But the main reason is to business and rule all over India. 

in 1757, After the Palashi war, the British won the political and business power all over Bengal. Through this war British plant the seed for rule 200 year. Nawab Siraj Ud Dulat was the administrator of Bengal. But through the Palashi war nawab was died. After occupying the government power of Bengal, the British put their target on the north and west India.

Struggle for 15th August: 

Against the British rule and violent torcher, Indians revolt again and again. Here are some greatest revolts name and date of India’s freedom history.

1857 Indian Rebellion

The first revolt that was held in 1857, the main rebel was Mangal Panday. Mangal Pandey was a soldier in the 34th Bengal Native Infantry regiment of the British. However, this revolt was not a successful revolt, the British government put them down forcefully. Therefore they hang Magal Panday till death.

Indian nation congress

Indian nation congress played a great role in this freedom fight. the great leader Subhas Chandra bosh elected as the president of India nation congress in 1938. Netaji believed in violence theory, on the other hand, another great person in nation congress, Mahatma Gandi believed in nonviolence movement. Through this confliction, National congress divided into two parts within some year. The followers of Netaji who also believed in non-violence have left this party, After some years later in 1941 Subhas left India and went Russia and German, with the help of that region, Netaji established the great Azad Hind Fouz.On the same time, Congress leader Mahatma Gandi was Arrested in India. In 1944, a war occurred between Azad Hind Fouz and British east India company. Azad Hind Fouz defeated British East India Company. At last, they decided to leave India and as a result, they give India’s freedom back.

However, through this long struggle 15th, August 1947 came, the British Government give India’s freedom back.

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