Victoria Memorial Hall the Wonderful Historical Architecture

Victoria Memorial Hall is one of the best visiting spot in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Every year millions of people include foreigner visit Victoria.  It was made for the memory of Rain Victoria Of England. The great place o the bank of Hooghly River. The foreign architect William Emerson made the blueprint(sketch the plan) of the Victoria Memorial Hall who was the president of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Lord Curzon was given the first proposal to built the Memorial Hall. It seems that Victoria was made in between 1906 to 1921.victoria is the largest palace made by white marble. When the British ruled all over India, then they built this Memorial. After 1947, the Indian Government becomes the owner of this Memorial Hall
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The famous Victoria Hall is situated in Queens’ way at Kolkata in West Bengal, India. On the opposite of Victoria, the Maidan ground is situated. The Jawaharlal Nehru Road is one of another landmark for Victoria.If you want to visit that place, then at first you should reach Kolkata. (There are a lot of ways to reach Kolkata from anywhere in the world, Airways, waterways, rail, road everything is connected to Kolkata.) . From Kolkata, you easily reach your destiny Victoria Memorial Hall.

Inside of the Victoria Memorial Hall

There are the two visiting parts in the Victoria memorial campus. Those are the Victoria Memorial Garden and Gallery or Museum. The Garden is situated surrounding Victoria place. The garden increases the beauty of Victoria as well as creates a wonderful natural atmosphere in Kolkata. Four ponds were build up surrounding the Victoria Palace. The length of the garden surround of the Victoria is almost 64 acres. Twenty-one Gardeners are engaged in maintaining the Garden.

The most attractive part, the museum is situated inside the Victoria. A lot of ancient things are preserved there.
The entry fee for Victoria is about 30 – 500 rupees. Garden fees and museum fees are separated.

What makes the place unique?

The Gallery or museum,  which attracts people most. The ancient weapon, dresses, and many more ancient things are preserved inside the museum. Those things have carried the history of a thousand years. Among those, oil painting, Royal dress, Swords, coin etc are stored there. Rear Indian photographs are kept in this museum for exhibition.The great artist Abanindranath Tagore’s painting is also kept here for the exhibition. At the core of the dome, a statue of the angel Victoria (4.6 m) was established. In front of the dome, a beautiful motherhood statue is situated.overall as a visiting spot or adventurous tour, The Victoria Memorial hall would be going to a  perfect place

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