Taki picnic spot, West Bengal

Taki is one of the most beautiful natural picnic spots in West Bengal. It is located beside the border area of India and Bangladesh. It is just 3 hours in distance from Kolkata. There is much ancient Architecture in Taki. Some of these are more than 300 years old, like Taki Kularshwari Kali Bari. If you want to get some refreshment from the concrete world than Taki West Bengal is the perfect place for you. And it is also perfect for that person who loves adventure, photography. Every year especially in winter thousand of visitor visit here. some time foreign tourists also came here.

Taki picnic Spot

Location :

Taki is a beautiful small growing town at the bank of Icchamati River. The Nabhour country Bangladesh is situated at the opposite bank of this river. Kolkata is the nearest metropolitan city of Taki. Kolkata is just about (approx) 70 kilometer far from Taki. Taki belongs from North 24  Parganas district, West Bengal in India. Railway and High way both are the most preferable way to reach Taki. Here we guide you for the Actual shortest and the best route for visiting Taki picnic spot.

How to reach Taki?

If you have a personal car then obviously you should choose high way option. and it also would be going a very adventurous trip in your life. From Kolkata, you should take the division for Acharya Prafulla Chandra Rd or Sealdah Flyover then you reach near science city. From Science city take left for Malanch rode. following that road, you reach Taki through Vabiya Chowmatha. For more details, you can follow Google map

Train: Train is the easiest way to reach Taki. the train fair is just 20 rupees. First of all, you have to Come to Sealdah then take Northside train and you will arrive at Taki Station. Then you Chosen or Toto as a vehicle for going to Taki picnic Spot. The Toto fair is 10 rupees per passenger. From the side of cost and time, the railway is perfect. Railway save your time and money both, but on the other hand, through highway, you will get a lot of adventures.

What to see In Taki?

Taki is the historical and cultural visiting spot in West Bengal. Many tourists visit here from far away. Besides a tourist spot, Taki is also popular for landscape. Many cinema’s scenes were shot in This location. The places you must have to see in Taki are……

Bidhan Saikat:

The main Taki town is situated at the bank of Icchamati River, that part is popularly known as Bidhan Saikat. Many tourist lodge and restaurants are grown on the bank of the river. This part of Taki was especially build-up for tourist, at the bank of Icchamatiriver. It is the oldest part of Taki. A watchtower, children playground and old river Ghat is the noticeable place in here. Taki Municipality guest house is located near Bidhan Saikat.


Taki municipality builds up a small park near Taki. Boating, zoo, restaurants, hotel, everything is in that park. The entry fees are 30 r/s per head. Eco-park is on Mansingh Road in Taki, West Bengal. Unbelieve natural beauty exists here. It is mainly village part of Taki Town

 Temple in Taki:

In the ancient age, the Zamindars of Taki established the temple (Jora Mondir). It is actually a couple of Temple. Lord Shiva is worshiped in that temple. Taki Kuleswari Kalibari is another one temple In Taki. It is Almost 300 years ancient temple. every day the head priest of this temple worship Davi kali. Every evening arati puja occurred here. It trow that it is a very wakeful temple. Many venerators came here (Taki Picnic Spot) from foreign for their own belief.

Taki Jora Mondir

 Taki Rama Krishna Mission:

In 1931 Taki Rama Krishna mission was established in Taki. It provides till class10th standard education. There are boys hostel in the mission. A primary section is situated beside this main campus Many students who passed out from here, are in foreign or successful in their own field.

The best time for visiting Taki :

Tourist visit Taki All over the year, but especially on winter tourist gather too. As a holiday vacant or picnic spot Taki always Busy with visitors. Taki is also the best destination on Durga puja. If you can visit Taki due to Durga puja then you obviously make your self so lucky. At Vijaya Dashami, Many people gather on Icchamatiti rifer from two countries. They immerse the idol of Goddess Durga in this river. Every year this program makes strong bonding of two countries. The Administration of both country provides high security to protect the unwanted Access to outsiders. Thousand of visitor came from far away due to this ceremony.

popular Food In Taki:

Some spacial kinds of fish available in this area. Ilish, koi, Magur, Vetki is the popular fish dishes in Taki. Beside of this , in sweet Malpoua and Singra is so popular in Taki

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